After the lion’s mouth

then the crocodiles wait impatiently

Yeah.. one of Indo’s sentence… au de englishnya bagemana… lepas dari mulut singa, masup mulut buaya.

Just finished last homework..and tadaaa…new homework already wait… 8 numbers contain of some Ma*Lab cases, each number a – f :(( mamiii…plusss…trailer for Final exam…휴

Agenda for next week :
– Wed : Scary Course’s Final Exam :-ss
– Fri : Korean Class’s Final Exam
– Sat : Dance @ Nami Island
– (next) Mon : Korean Course’s Test to the higher level
And finally on Tue go back… can’t wait for that…

Err actually still wait one report…but the deadline is on July 18th..Let’s think about it after back from Indo ^^

I haven’t prepare for going back too..haven’t buy some things to be brought.. nor my luggage…
Fyuh… so many crocodiles have to be passed… ^^

아자 아자 화이팅!!! ^^


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