Waiting for The Sunrise

Yeah..that’s what i’m doing now…
* finally I can use that weather ticker ^^ beside just watch for the temperature 😀 *

Current time : 4:55AM, Sunrise will in at 5:11AM… 10 minutes more…

Fyuh.. can’t think anymore…this head already stack overflow :(..
though still many case wait to be pushed to this head..Fyuhh

Why wait for sunrise??

hmmm rather than walking in the darkness, if we can walk under the light, why should walk in the darkness ^^… so i can feel the sun when it says hello to the world…
then I’ll sleep ^^
( but have to get up early too… – i think i will fight with the alarm again this morning ;p )

Current time : 4.58AM..

Yeah..finally there’s a lil light outside 😀
Time to go back.. and have a sleepp ^^

Have a nice Sunday ^o^


2 thoughts on “Waiting for The Sunrise

  1. yey Tata, sleep in such morning, heleh heleh..
    you’ll need cucumber and eye cream later on.. he he..
    It’s just like me.. how about creating kungfu panda club? ha ha.. take care sweetheart..

  2. Thank you for the useful thoughts!! Still an additional notable posting, this really is why My spouse and I come to all your site habitually!


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