Two More!!!

Yeahhh…it’s sundayyy….and i’ve already said to my friend that i wont go to the church today 😦 sorry G…. cos i have to prepare for tuesday morning…My flight is on 10am…and i should go around 5.30am from here…And… I haven’t pack at all :(( crazy huhh…..

But finally I jumped some crocodiles ^^

1. the scary exam…. yeah though i didn’t do it well, but after the exam felt so release… dunno the result…just let’s wait it patiently * and pasrah *i do really wish i could pass this course…
2. The another exam in campus… errr..i did some mistakes tooo 😦 but… let it be de 😛
3. The festival…. yihaaa…. after so many rehearsals… and finally we performed it xixiix..result??? hihhi unwell… in the middle we made mistakes… ^^… looked so mess ^^… but…yeahh…not bad for my first time la 😛
(okeeehhhh… no need to comment bout my look yaaa ^^ … first time to do it looo.. make up always make me uncomfortable…now it’s plus traditional clothes 😦 )

The Tree and The Road

and after the festival, I looked around a bit (only 1 hour left 😦 ) buttttttt… i did like this island 😀 though it’s quite crowded yesterday… i just imagine, if it’s not as crowded as yest, and the weather not as cloudy as yest (we’re lucky cos it was predicted to be rain ^^) huaaa… it must be very great .. * and romantic hihihi *

This is one of my fav spot ^^ trees on the right and left… greeny greeny… and my friends will be mooooore beautiful and autumn, green, red…the leaves will fall down.. ^^ *put it on the list in autumn*

Yeah for some people who already watch Winter Sonata… this spot might be familiar ^^ cos the main actors ride a bike with this kinda background

Okay… now 2 left…
1. I was planned to have the presentation in scary lab meeting tmrw
2. Final exam in City Hall.. * there’ll be speaking test too :-s *

and after that.. i think i won’t be able to sleep well…cos i should pack pack more…and gotta wake up around 4am i guess… the flyyyyyyy ^^’s time for shop shop hihihi….



5 thoughts on “Two More!!!

  1. tata.. the more you prohibit the comment, the more I feel like to comment. haha..
    you really look awesomee.. really different of you, maybe it’s because you seldom have make-up. 🙂

    Hey why no pictures of the perfomance? and btw what traditional costume’s that?

  2. Whooaa.. it’s cool Ta!! *we want more pictures..! we want more.. we want more..* wkwkwk…
    Anyway, good luck for your presentation n final exam yak! n.. met pulkam.. huaaa ikuuuuut… ^^

  3. @ ci wil
    huaaa…ci wil nakal 😛
    itu dari jawa barat ci wil… katanya si begituh hihi… pecaya aja de 😛

    @ ci pit
    hehehe tengkiii..yuuk sini trus lipet2 masup koper muat kok ci *maen fisik neee 😛 *

    hohoho pan tata ngikutan ning nang ning nung…jadi ga bisa ngambil potonya looo 😛 wekekekke
    ntar kl da ada dapet kiriman poto dari tetangga, dimasupin lagi ke picassa 😛
    * jepretan tetangga lebih bagus bagusss :p *

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