Here I Come

current time : 01.12AM… n i just finished to pack my things… ^^…

the flight will be on 10am, but, i’ll take the first bus 5.20am…means…i have to wake up early 😦 wish i don’t overslept :D…
hmmm..meals for tmrw this morning already prepared too…Cheese Kimbab + some breads 😀
that’s all i guess..

Dunno will i able to update for a week… cos i’ll stay in my friend’s room (she’s in business trip ^^) for the first 2 days, then move…
some event already set…

24 tue – (nite) Indo…here i come ^^
25 wed – there’ll be final rehearsal for the W-day (aaa…appointment with lit n yz gotta be rescheduled) – gotta move to gading i guess –
26 thu – empty…aw’s bday..*todooong :D*
27 fri – empty (but be ready for sudden thing) – move to hotel i guess –
28 sat – W-day…fully booked ^^
29 sun – till afternoon : family things, in the evening *i wish* could meet some friends @ TA ^^
30 mon – check out… go the airport…and fly fly again ^^
01 tue – (morning) back in incheon..

hiyaa…it’s not an holiday i guess..yeah from the first it wasn’t planned to be an holiday ^^ it’s family event :D..but i’m happy cos i’ll meet my fam…that’s the first…then see my lovely bro gets married.. 8-> huiiii 😀

Hmm tmrw i’ll walk to the bus stop by myself :D… then there’ll be agent from the travel who can help me if i face some prob (i wish there wont be) then in Jkt, adri said he might pick me up.. *huaaa..what a generous ^^* first i just planned to take the bus to mandala…
but he offered me ^^ xixixi..thnx anyway…but in case there’s something happen, i can take the bus 🙂

and the rest will be take care with the fam i guess…

fyuh.. i will miss the ease of transport in seoul i guess…i could go anywhere (as long as in seoul) by subway…it’s not expensive.. also easy to catch up… If i’m lost..just find out the nearest subway station, then it will be fine. *become subway dependent huh :p*

One thing that bother me..about the issue laptop check..grr grr…i do really wish it’s a hoax..anyway..i’ll bring it..cos i need it… just let see laa…wish everything will b okeh..



4 thoughts on “Here I Come

  1. laptop check…hmm..Tata must be use “il3g4l” software.

    what about indomie + telor aduk + air kacang ijo @ haji senin ta?
    is that included in the event?

    wellcome to Jakarta ya ta…
    have a nice “holiday”!!

  2. @ c ceemot
    hix..tak bisaaa….
    * hehe da telat yak komenna *

    @ jambinese a.k.a yanto
    hahaha… sssttt… cuma ga licensed doang loooo
    indomie telor aduk akhirnya kesampean..cuma beda tempat doang hihihi… pinggir pintu keluar syahdan ^^

    @ aw
    hohoho… thank youuu… eh kemaren ga keburu nodong…jadi bagemana kalo dikau transfer won aja ke sini, ntar i belanjain sendiri =)) *juari mode on*
    ayo kapan ke sini hihihi…

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