Here I Come (again) i come again… back to reality.. after felt like a princess xixixi…
* post about princess tita will be posted – someday – *

I want my nose back 😦
I want my ear back 😦
I want my throat back 😦

aaaa… i hate influenza… not finish unpack the things yet…
but already back to the lab (also blog hihi…i post it at 9pm looo – not a workhour- )

after the hectic yesterday…
let’s write a splash bout yest…

First plan:
– my flight : 30 Jun – 17.15 WIB, then 20.00WITA arrive @Dps 00.40WITA go to ICN
– mom dad bro n c jol flight : 30 Jun  + 15 WIB
sooo the plan was mom n dad will wait for me, then we went to our home pack additional things to be brought to seoul, while bro n c jol directly go to new home.


bro cs’s flight delayed 1 hour.. (no prob, the arrival time could be closer with me)
first plan still ok…


bro n c jol could not go with the same flight with mom n dad even if it’s in one ticket… *CRAZY*…
the cause?? cos the L**N changed the airplane into smaller plane, so not all of the passenger could be carried… *WATTA!!!!*
after all the luggages checked in…
so mom n dad went first (with additional delay – again- ) then bro n c jol went couple of HOURS afterwards

my flight also delayed around 30minutes… 😦

Dag dig dug..
will i able to pick up the things at home then go back to airport ontime…

I supposed to be checked in again on (at least) 11.00 cos there’ll be immigration better spare some time in advance
I supposed to be arrived on 20.00Wita, but i arrived on 21Wita.. means 1 hour had gone…
45minutes is normal time to go to my home from airport..  *OMG*

arrived at home almost 22.00 *put put all the things into one luggage*
then went back to airport…

And i decided to drive the car ^^…
yesss….30minutes to the airport.. pick up bro n c jol *after they waited for almost 1 hour ^^*
then went for check in… yess… on time ^^

Can’t imagine if the delay time is worse…
Still can’t could they changed into the smaller plane, which made some passenger had to wait for another flight…. *sigh*

now it’s time to go back…
take inza
then sleep…

Real world…here i come ^^


4 thoughts on “Here I Come (again)

  1. welcome back tata..
    You really optimize the time well heh.. arrive denpasar @20.00 and departure to ICN @00.40..
    It may look safe enough (if you take international flight), but as you see the domestic flight within Indonesia is possibly has to do with the delay, then it’s really a quite speculative decision, ha ha..

    happy wedding to ur bro&sis in law, he he..
    and for sure, waiting for the photoss of the princess, esp in wedding ceremony.. ok? *wink wink*

  2. hehehe…. minggu depan gantian aku yang pulang…. di rumah jg seminggu an doang, sisanya kerja rodi…. huhuhu….
    Tata, blog nya aku link boleh ya….

  3. @ c wil
    Yup..lucky the delay wasn’t worse..

    * photo da diupload ^^ *

    @ c pit
    Huaaa… i miss the fake world xixiix

    @ wenny
    Huahuua…met kerja rodi yaaa
    Yupp..monggo, daku juga link yak ^^

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