The W-Day

Yup..some pictures (from my cam) already uploaded ^^… let me show you the princess Tita (as i said before) in the middle of her fam huahuahua…

Hooo… what a day…
hmm the groom looks handsome rite?? ^^

thank god cos that event ran sooo well..

other pictures can be seen directly in my picassa ^^

After the church, we had a reception in a big ballroom… what a big party.. with lots of meals ^^..soo happy to meet some families from Bandung n’s been so long not to meet them.

Congrat to my lovely bro n c jol… wish both of you a tons of happiness and health…
Happily ever after… ^^

* not in the mood for writing… just reporting for the update ^^ *


12 thoughts on “The W-Day

  1. wahh pangling liatin princess tita. cantikkkk uiii :p Tapi tata kok bisa tinggi sih, pdhl mama papa dan koko standard2 aja yah.. hihi dikasih makan apa dulu ta, bagi2 dunk tips nya :p congrats buat brother nya yahhh πŸ™‚

  2. @ c angel
    Heheh thank youu ci..
    hmmm itu waktu kecil ditarik2 ci hahaha…
    trus banyak2 makan mie biar panjang kayak mie ^^
    *emang bisa ya :P*

    @ c wil
    haha… the other me de..
    beda sehari demi koko ^^ xixixiixi

  3. cuit cuiiit… cewee… godain kita duunk.. wkwkwkwk..
    iya ih Tata kok bisa tinggi sih, mana bisa begitu Ta.. *protes mulu, bilang aja ngiri, hihihi*
    btw, congrats for ur bro yak! ^^

  4. @ ci pit
    cuit cuit *nyamper ke nederlen kkkk*
    ehm ehm…cukup gizi kok itu ci πŸ˜›

    @ c Viol
    hahaha… tenang tenang..itu hanya tampilan sehari doang hahaha besokannya da balik normal loooo :p

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