Next week?

다행이나 불쌍하다 (means : is it relieved or pity?)

It started from this day… then finally it was scheduled into a specific day (June 2nd)..but it was postponed..until undecided day… so every Monday dag dig dug… and i always bring the USB and the slides with case suddenly I was asked…

Then June 16th (if i’m not mistaken) it was said that next week will be the time….

Tadaaa…. I thought 2 more left ^^ but… yeah.. it was postponed again.. 휴…then i enjoyed my “princess time” and after my cometh… so i supposed to do the presentation today…

Soo i prepared it on Friday..cos i wasn’t sure will i able to prepare it on Sat or Sun…

Hmm actually…yeah.. my presentation is not really important thing… i didn’t do any new thing… nor research a big thing…. well the presentation is just reporting what i read… i mean like summary from tons of paper that given to me…
so i could understand if i always left…

and today.. hmm the meeting that used to be held in 10.30am was changed into 2pm
at 2pm, my senior said it was postponed until the next info..(which was i thought the other day)

soo i continued to read other papers, instead of re-read the slide

in that time… i didn’t know..should i be relieved or pity?

then… 3.58pm he came…and said.. it’s now… *glek – mateng kon*

so i just prepared it… laptop n some notes… went to the meeting room….*nervous*
then one prof started to do the presentation (which is of course in korean)
then continued with another senior (and also in korean)

then it was already 6pm… xixiixx…which means?!?!?!?!? ya gitu de…
다행이나 불쌍하다 ?? 난 모라….

sooo now i just continue to read other paper about some visualization in TT (TableTop)…

well..just want to write on ^^ i’m not sad…nor disappoint with this lab.. in the other way.. i’m enjoying the process in it ^^ lot of new things to be learned ^^…
just dunno will the next week will be my turn??!?! *궁금해*


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