Lotte World

Better be update it before i forgot the moments ^^

Yest i met a new Korean friend… actually we met on our flight to Bali (for me it was a transit, for him it was for holiday) he went there with his family…

So yesterday we met in 서울역 (seoul station) cos he lives out of Seoul (around 2 hours by train)..then took a 간짜장 (KanJjaJang)’s just like 짜장면 (black noodle – a meal that jombloers eat in black day ^^ ) but it’s more delicious ^^

Then we went to the Church, together with other we had 오리 유개장 (ori YukGaeJang, ori means Duck)…OMG it’s very spicy / hot (pedes pake apa see…spicy ato hot… koreanya 맵다 de) then continued with teenager English Class..

At first we’d like to go to 선유도공원 (SeonYuDo Park) then took a water taxi… was changed ^^.. then went to 롯데월드 (Lotte World) near in Jamsil ^^ (yeah finally I reached that place 🙂 ) Thnx to 현 then 🙂

Hmmm my first impression to this place… wow..what a huge place… it’s has indoor and outdoor theme park.. *amazing*.. unfortunately yesterday was so hot >.< but.. still i won’t miss the theme park ^^ especially “crazy” games ^^.. was quite late to go there…we arrived around 4 or 5 pm…
If you want to go there, better go in the morning and take weekdays instead of holiday or weekend ^^

at first he recommended “atlantic adventure” but the queue was tooo long… we had to wait for 2 hours… so..skipped it…
1. The first game was “Gyro Drop” (click on the Gyro drop for detail), was fantastic… we were lifted up then….suddenly went down… *felt like my soul still left up there hahaha* it was great ^^
2. Then the second was “Bungee Drop” (click on the Bungee drop for detail)…. this one was great too..quite the same with Gyro Drop.. but not as high as Gyro… BUT… for one time we were felt down 3times hahaha… exciting ^^

After 2 crazy games… we took a break…had some drink…휴…really good for stress kkk…
then we moved to indoor attractions by “world monorail“…much better than walk ^^

Kinda forget the order that we took… but for sure we took
1. The “french revolution” roller coaster … it was great… enough to make me scream too ^^
2. The “Jungle Adventure“.. this one is like “Arung jeram” in DuFan..
3. The “Flume Ride“.. or Niagara in DuFan ^^
4. The “4D Theater” yeah..finally i knew it…cos i haven’t tried it in Ancol
5. The “Dynamic Theater“… this one is like simulator…. but i don’t like it very much… cos i prefer in Dufan. In here they didn’t had specific theme for the movie.. it’s just changed from water then sky then roller coaster
6. The “Conquistador” or let’s make it simple with Kora-Kora ^^.. I couldn’t miss it hoho.. i like it ^^
7. The “Pharaoh’s Fury” hmm this one is like “rama sinta” in Dufan… but… i prefer this one ^^ cos it was more unique…they made it as if we were inside the pyramid.. felt like no more wayout, but suddenly the door was opened ^^…
And remembered…those 7 games are indoor games… *imagine how big is it ^^*

Hmmm i think that’s all..still many games that we missed … yeah..cos it was crowded n not enough time…and also.. i was starving hahaha… so better found a meal rather than pushed my self to take another game then blew up… :p

And since i told him that i like 삼겹살 (samGyeopSal a.k.a piggy panggang ^^) sooo… we found it… unfortunately it was quite late…so it was hard to find it… *wishing there’s still one samgyeopsal place that open in 11pm xixixi*
But…we were lucky…we found one in City Hall… *wekekek Lotte World to City Hall is quite far…* fyuhhh… that meal tasted wonderful… cos we’ve walked soo far..and i was sooo starving… so relieve to find that…

Then we went back by taxi… cos subway was off at 11pm in Sunday…
n since he missed his last train to his town *supposed to be 9.30pm*… so after dropped me he searched for the nearest 찜질방 (JjimJilBang)…’s Korean’s favorite resting place, cos it’s cheap.. and it’s comfortable they said ^^, so instead of staying in motel / hotel, this could be a good option too (well i never tried one… may be someday ^^)

Yeah..overall it was very exciting ^^..thnx a lot to Hyeon ^^… err… he treat it all :|… kinda awkward huh… but he’s not for free ^^ if he went to Bali again, then that will be my turn wekekeke..

Unfortunately i didn’t take many pictures cos almost out of battery 😦
but i’ll go there at least once again wekeke..cos i haven’t tried the Atlantic n missed that laser show (i just saw it from the queue) ! at least i want to try their top 5 ^^
And there’s still Everland that i have to go!! (yeah..i’m a theme park lovers ^^)

Ok then… if you come to Seoul…Lotte world is one of my recommendation to be visited.. ^^

안녕 ^^


6 thoughts on “Lotte World

  1. gua udah pernah ke lotte world 😀
    tapi cuma bentar doank, waktu itu acara tournya cuma 2 jam..cuma keliling2 doank dan nonton parade hehe. dapet 3 karcis sih, tapi gak inget maen apaan. gua emang gak demen maen2 gituan, bisa sport jantung! 😀

    everland juga udah waktu itu. tempatnya gedeeee banget dan panaaaaas banget, karena waktu itu pas musim panas sih 😛

  2. @ c viol
    waduh..2 jam mah ga maen apa apa dunk wekekeke..
    bagus ci, buat kesehatan jantung, biar tambah kuat hahaha
    huaaa…everland.. segera ke sana wekekeke tapi ga tau kapan
    iyaaa ajubile summer di sini, ga cuma panas…tapi lengket euy 😦

    @ ci pit
    asik dunk ci wekekek
    aihhhh… tuh kannnn gara2 c ceemot tuuuuu
    * jitak c ceemot *

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