Simplicity or …..

Hmm it’s been almost 5 months i’m here (2 days again it will be perfectly 5 months)

So many things happened and lot of new things i saw.. so far i’m enjoying the life here ^^..

Ok actually i’d like to post about my new habit ㅋㅋㅋ… hmm some korean do the same too (once more, some, not all !!!) so i just thought to do the same too, cos to me it’s count as simplicity wekeke..


yeah … that’s what i used to do ^^

I used to use the coffee stick to mix up the coffee instead of use the spoon… the reason is spoon is not always available (especially in my lab) – this is the first alibi xixixi
the next one is (okeehhh.. i already bought a small spoon for coffee) because too lazy to wash it xixix.. but let’s see the good side… we can save the water and the soap to wash the spoon, right?!?!
(this is the thing that i never do before xixi)

the second one is when i eat noodle i eat it directly from the pan xixixix…
I learned from the native looo 😛 (first alibi)
then when i tried it… hmm it’s quite comfortable xixixi…
so i can save the water and the soap AGAIN, right kekekeke..

so… it’s the mixture of simplicity and save the water and save the soap and save the energy xixixixi
or….. laziness ^^


4 thoughts on “Simplicity or …..

  1. Hihi, yg cara makan noodle jd inget pelem2 drama seri korea, wkwkwk, klo liat mreka mkn, walopun caranya ‘aneh’, tp teteeeep bikin ngileeeer… kynya enak banget, gt.. hahaha.

  2. hihihi…betulll enak lo ciiii…fresh from the pan…
    anget anget… 😛
    ayo ayo dicoba cara ini wekekeke
    *tarik tarik orang buat cari dukungan :P*

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