Wish come true, but…

I think it’s been couple of times i posted about the scary lab meeting, cos it’s held in Korean and i think i’m the one who always keeps on writing all the new words..
every week there’s always a new word… (or it’s just me that take a wrong not important word)
and aaa..it’s so hard to remember those word…
* ow..babel fish.. wish i could just swallow you… glug…*

so i started to think, i’ve learn some korean language, i took a course… but..those all for daily communication and grammar…
but here what i face is… the IT korean language…
words like user interface, window, size, target, pointing, install, create, copy, cut, paste and all those unknown words…which is uncommon to be spoken in daily life

In that time, if it’s possible, i asked the slide (which is written in korean) from my senior.
then started to read it, then translate it.
1 slide could take 2 days may be…*depends on*

So…. i just wondering, is there any way for me to learn the korean in IT environment?!?!?
(beside getting sink in the lab meeting)..
just wishing…

And then suddenly….

couple of weeks ago, my senior asked me to learn to code (again…. yeah..back to code world)
so we tried some books in the bookstore…and unfortunately (or it’s fortunately) there’s only Korean book that explain the way to code in detail, we didn’t find any english book to support it…

So i started to read… but hyuhh… that was too hard for me 😦

Then couple of days ago he came…
he gave me the material that relate with our project (he will present it on Monday), and it was written in korean…
and he gave a new book to be read.. which is… korean book… for code using directX9

Then i started to realize…. isn’t it what i’m wishing for??

So i started to translate the slide.. less than 20 slides and it took almost 2 days for me 😦
aaa..what a sluggish me… just for less than 20 slides i took almost 2 days..
i wish i could do it faster…

and also there’s still one book left ^^
actually in my opinion, this new book looks better than before…at least more picture to guide me ^^

so i just wish i could read that book well…
my wish come true, but… it’s not as simple as thought

yeah.. just a simple post at nite…

μ—΄μ‹¬νžˆ κ³΅λΆ€ν• κ²Œμš”….

ν™”μ΄νŒ… ^^


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