Summer is coming

Yups, summer is coming now…

last week the weather was uncertain, it felt so hot then suddenly a big rain came.. then hot again… so unstable. Then my friend said after week of rain (summer’s rain, which is very windy), then the real summer will come.

Real summer??

I still have no idea too how will it be, but based on my experience, the temperature was weird…at noon it could reach 31C with 90% humidity (G… so sticky… But anybody could tell me how is the humidity in Jkt? cos i’m not sure… but i just it’s more sticky in here) then went to 27C, 24C..back to 30C…

In this condition, it’s hard to live without AC…so we turned in on all day..

One thing that I love from summer ^^… It’s the Bing Su (λΉ™μˆ˜)
oit… it’s not a person ^^ but it’s a meal (or drink? dunno la0 ^^.. which is in indonesia we call it “Es campur” kekeke..

The left picture is the place where we had our BingSu… *in my opinion this place was soo great ^^* I had it with my church’s friend couple of weeks ago..

And..the BingSu looked very delicious, fresh and…sluurp πŸ˜›

the taste?? Of course it was great kekeke… And it was 90% different from Es Campur keke. The similarity is both of it use ice and fruits…
The rest… you see it la πŸ˜›
(but don’t ask me the price, cos i don’t know too :D)

Have a nice BingSu time ^^


6 thoughts on “Summer is coming

  1. @ ci pit n wenny
    wekeke mari mari ber bingsu ria πŸ˜€
    * jadi ngiler juga hehehe * lengkap de buah2 na

    @ pitshu
    na itu dia yang daku juga ga tau hihihi

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