Will be able to go there?

Hmmm.. yeah..late saturday night, and still here in my room…
pouring what’s in my thought..

couple of days ago my friend just told me that there will be a “Mud Festival
Mud?!?! Yupp..it’s mud… alias lumpur…kekeke

Hmm to me it looks interesting ^^
it’s been so long not to try that kinda thing…

my last time to play with the mud was when i was in high school…*paskibra orientation* hua..what an old day ^^

sooo..when i knew this i was so interesting with it..especially it is held once a year and only for 10 days..


I’ve already promise my friend that we will go somewhere next Saturday
and since we haven’t met for quite long.. last time was the Seoul Friendship Festival…
so i’m not sure whether will i be able to go to the mud fes or not..
cos it’s far from seoul (moreover her home is out of seoul – north part) and the festival will be out of seoul too (south side of seoul), so it’s might be far for her…

But just let see…cos it haven’t been decided where will we go ^^

Official site for the festival : here


4 thoughts on “Will be able to go there?

  1. hmm..kayanya seru juga mud festival. kalo jadi pergi foto2 ya ta 😀
    oiya, inget gak usah pake make-up perginya, jadi sekalian masker lumpur gitu xixixi 😛

  2. iyah….semoga jadi pegi dee wekekeke
    huahuahua… make up nya ntar lnagsung di sana aja yak 😛
    * eh tapi katanya ada kosmetik yang dari lumpus sini juga tu *

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