5 months

Today : July 14th 2008

Which means… i’ve been here for 5 months… I remember the val’s day.. Feb 14th… ^^ my first time to go abroad… and amazingly i went to one of country that i dreamed to go ^^ Thnx God..

I remember my arrival…the temperature still below zero n how i hate 2digits temperature in that day, but now i start to hate it especially if it is started with 3x 😦 cos it’s above zero now ^^
But i was so happy cos finally I saw and played with my first snow ^o^

Then the White Day… Mar 14th… They did celebrate it here ^^.. All of the students got candies from the cafeteria.. which is written 행복날 하루 되세요..which means have a good day ^^
Something special for me in this month was… i got drunk for the first time wekekekeke… (and it still no second time..i wish no second time :P)
hmm the daily routine  (still quite the same till now…which is read read paper) and the weekly syndrome also (which is scary monday meeting…. huff..wondering when will be gone)

The next one was Black Day.. Apr 14th..
Yeah..it’s a new for me.. first time that i knew there’s a Black Day.. which means all the jombloers can celebrate it by eating BlackNoodle ^^
a ya..and this month is my first spring ^^ how i love it and start to miss it ^^
Till this month, the weekend activity still filled with sight seeing here and there…visited some parks and other things ^^

And after the black day, there’s no that kinda day again in every 14th ^^
Hmmm what new in this month May 14th….a… i got my first cool music player ^^ .. the blacky ^^… and luckily till now it’s still fine.. (hope it will always be..) even getting better…now it has subway map around the world wekekek… *just update it* and new games… n what i like the most is othello ^^ my fav one ^^
hmm and then…my first time to meet my new Korean friend (hae young n yu jin) which is still be friend till now… and next saturday we’re planning to go to the Fest…. Yihaaaa…. ^^

June 14th
huff.. i think if i don’t note here… i might miss lot of things…
n now i even start to forget what happened last month…  hmmm i think this month i focused on my lovely MatLab xixixix… a ha… then counted it as my first time to code with matLab huahuauhaua
And also… my first dance performance huahuahuahua… never splash on my mind that i will do it.. ^^

And now…here i am in July 14th
And today is my first presentation in the Lab Meeting…..fyuuuuhhh…so that’s the meaning of being postponed for couple of times…so it will be exactly in my 5 months xixixi.. *it’s just my thought of course*  fyuuh.. i am so relieve today… first because of the presentation, and the second, finally i’ve finished my report….
I do thank Him for everything…. i really like today’s quote

God’s call to a task includes His strength to complete it. (ODB)

And here i am in the end of the first term too….
And finished it all (at least things that related with my course study) in the designed time… Thnx G
even my scary lovely algebra is done too ^^ fyuhhh… Yihaaa… i passed it wekekeke… I got B+ xixii..
yup..not A, nor A+ xixixi… BUT..it’s enough for me laa…. I passed it wekekeke…

And now…my mind is focusing to next sat ^^…
Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday (Holiday – Constitution Day), then Friday… and finally Sat ^^
Wish it run well…

Thank God for guiding me so far… I did really enjoy my first 5 months in here..
and i know there still lot of giants wait me ahead… *the biggest one is of course language*,
just teach me to keep patient, take everything step-by-step, enjoying the process, enjoying the up-and-down of this wonderful life ^o^

마지막으로….. 좋은 하루 되세오 ^^
(at last…. have a good day ^^)


9 thoughts on “5 months

  1. Waa selamat yaa perjuangan 5 bln pertama sdh sukses dilalui.. ^^
    Btw, B+ huh?!? Whoooaa ngiriiii.. gue dapet 6 alias yg penting lulus aja udh seneng banget, wkwkwk…

  2. ” there still lot of giants wait me ahead… *the biggest one is of course language*, just teach me to keep patient, take everything step-by-step, enjoying the process, enjoying the up-and-down of this wonderful life ^o^ ”

    I totally agreeeeeeee………. if we have ‘killed’ all the giants in the past, then we will also able to ‘kill’ them all in the future….. just enjoy all this process…. cheers….

  3. @ ci pit
    setujuuu yang penting lulusss wekekek

    @ wenny
    yeah…sini giantssss… *sambil bawa pentungan wekeke*

    @ sanzz
    tengki tengki

    @ pitshu
    na itu diaaaa…kemaren pulang seminggu doang wekekek ga sempet siap2 pula… muhun maapppphhhh sebesar besarna yaaaa

    @ c ceemot
    yosh… untung bukan 13 heheh
    *emang kalo 13 napa yak :P*

  4. Wuaaa.. selamet yee dapet B+ buat algebra nya.. Hua..ha..ha.. Jangan2 rambutmu kamu cari persamaan matriks nya di Matlab juga.. Kriting, kriting dah loe… Ha..ha…

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