5 types in a day

Hmmm what will be splash on your mind when you see the tittle?
5 types in a day??…. what kinda types??

5 countries? 5 code? 5 meals? errr…what else… out of idea too…

so let’s just tell it ^^

Today i had dinner with my center friends (the hierarchy is after the lab, then the bigger scope is center).. as usual we did it in korean way ^^
i might have written how i love sam-gyeop-sal in here… n today we had o-gyeop-sal..
if sam means 3, and o means 5, then o-gyeop-sal is…. five layers of pork meat nyummy….

Then as usual in every dinner that i attended (till now)…soju (make sure u read the “bomb” part) is a must… (count it as the first)
and after the dinner…means… go to the next place… which is…ν˜Έν”„ (Hope) – a korean bar
and in there, as usual we talked… and drank Korean Beer (count it as the second), and the new one… i drank Poktanju (used to be called a bomb ^^ – read it in wiki for detail). So inside the beer they added small glass (sloki ?) contains BoilerMaker, in this case we had schotch… (count it as the third)

G…. wondering what’s the next?? :p *yeah i’m become a bad girl huh :p*
but i just drank a little, like soju, may be just 3 or 4 small glass (sloki), then just some beer, and of course only one poktanju..

And after that, the show still not over yet….
Me and my senior, went to the nearest Korean bar, while others went to Noraebang (read : Karaoke)…
so in there we had…one Heineken (count is as the fourth) and Sapporo – i bet c wil know a lot bout it ^^ (and finally it’s the fifth)

BUT…once more.. i only drank a bit hehhee…cos i didn’t like the taste too 😦
I didin’t even finish a bottle of Heineken, and half bottle of Sapporo ^^
so… at least i ever taste it..and it’s not delicious 😦 – IMHO –
the milk that i drank taste much better xixixixi…

Ok then…it’s 2am now… and i’m still awake…not drunk loooo (once is enough)
and really sleepy…

Time to sleep now ^^
I think i’ll have a tight sleep xixixi..


3 thoughts on “5 types in a day

  1. @ ci pit
    wekeke kemaren jalan2 ampe holland juga to hehee
    ga enak..paiiir πŸ˜›

    @ sanzz
    wah.. expertnya dateng ne wekekeke
    kemaren ditawarin gitu suru pilih mo bir yang mana.. *sayangnya ga ada bintang haha, kalo ada gua pilih itu aja:P*
    ada corona juga..macem2 de…bir china la…dll…
    secara ga ngerti, ngikut aja de wekeke

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