Got mad in the mud – The Preparation

Will i able to get there???

That’s the question that splashed in my mind when i saw the web..
And finally after talk with my friends, they were agree to go there..fyuh.. so i said to my another friend that we’ll be able to go there ^^..

I was so exciting to imagine it..went there with lot of people.. ^^
but some friends said that they couldn’t come

Moreover it was predicted to be rain…even thypoon :(, in Seoul and in there (Boryeong)… so when my friend asked me..will we go there if it’s rain..cos it’s predicted to be rain… i just can say…”yes, we will go…mud + rain might be a perfect combination ^^* (actually I just try to ensure myself too)

How will we go there??
From the web it was written that there’s a bus… but we didn’t know whether we should reserve it or not…so just play with the fate.. will there be any bus ticket left?

At first we planned to go by 8am bus…
BUT..on Friday one of my friend said, there’s no ticket left for 8am bus
WHAT?!?!?!? *worry*
then i asked her how to check it… *so it’s possible to check it from inet*
only 9.10am option left… cos others only left 3 tickets or less :(..
We were planned to go in 5 people..
in that time (around 14.00) there were 33 tickets left for 9.10am bus

So i prepared to go to the course as usual.. but also worried..will i be able to go there tomorrow? will there be some tickets left?
And all i could do just said… “Let Thy will be done”.. if at last we were not able to go there, then may be He wanted to save us from something bad..
*that’s what i thought*

Another friend said, tomorrow will be very crowded..cos the festival ended in Sunday, and it was predicted there’ll be a thypoon on people might go on Sat..moreover it’s weekend..

Before went to the course i checked the ticket again, it decreased 😦 29 left..
and suddenly there were some more friends that said that they wanted to join too..
*in one side i was happy cos more people might be more interesting, BUT.. how bout the ticket??*
with the new group it became 10 people to go there together
and i already said to them.. i couldn’t promise u that we would get the ticket

Sooo after the course, I checked the ticket…
there were 26 tickets left.. my friend also worried.. 😦 but kept try and hope..
suddenly some friends wanted to join again… and the same thing that i said’s ok..BUT i can’t promise u that we will get the ticket

I push F5 again… 26 became 22 for ticket >.< in the other side, the people from 10 became 12.. *dag dig dug dhueer aja de*
to anticipate.. so said to my friend that I will go there early, and ask her to coordinate the other friends to go to the bus terminal…

Last minute before i slept (around 1 or 2 am 😦 )
one friend said she couldn’t go..because of something…. Fyuuhh… Now 12 people became 11 people
when I refreshed the web again…and…. 22 became 11 tickets left for 9.10am
another alternatif 6 tickets left for 8.30am….
so i planned to separate the groups

Woke up in the morning…
had ramnyeon for breakfast… i went at 6am…
and before i went i checked the ticket again… 11 became 10 tickets
yeah.. it supposed to be separated..
On my way to the bus terminal, my friend told me… 10 became 8 tickets

arrived in the terminal on almost 7am..i saw other foreigners ran in hurry…
* thnx guys hahaha… u helped me to show the way :p cos i just guess he must ran to catch up the bus *
and here i am…alone in the terminal to buy the ticket plus korean pas pasan pula…

Geee…so many lockets… which locket should i choose?
just try my luck..

* in front of the locket *

me : “보령에 가려고 해요” (trans: I want to go to boryeong)
her : “잠깐만” (wait a minute)..then beebeebeep i could understand what she said
(dalem ati..maap de gua kagak ngarti..gua maen ngomong aja de)
me : “9시 10분 있어요?” (is there any for 9am?)
her : “네..” (yes)
me : (start to give up) “how many ticket left”
her : “네???” (excuse me)
(mateng kon…si mba ga bisa english :()
(suddenly i forgot to ask “how many”… supposed to use “몇” instead of 얼마나
me : “얼마나 있어요?” (how many left?)
her : “8”
(think think… i’ve been in front of the locket, some people waited behind)
me : “네 8장 주세요” (ok please give me 8tickets)
her : “8장?” (8tickets?)
me : “네” (yes)
(then i paid with the debit card)

fyuhhh…. i got 8 tickets…safe for my group (6 people) but another group (5 people) only got 2 😦
Then my friend called, “xx couldn’t come, so we are in 4”..
then i told them the condition
suddenly one friend called and told that he wants to join
so i told him the condition too…

So i tried to get the rest 2 tickets in different time…
after couple of minutes left i tried to check for another time…
BUT… the woman said.. there’s still 2 tickets for 9.10am.. *may be there are some who cancel their ticket?!?!..dunno la*
huaaa… i took it…so now i had 10tickets ^^
one friend couldn’t join 😦

Fyuuuh so relieve after had those 10 tickets ^^
and finally we went there altogether at 9.10am

that’s all the report for the preparation..
* geee.. i’m so sleepy 😦 *


3 thoughts on “Got mad in the mud – The Preparation

  1. wew..emang di korea itu gua heran deh, negara maju gitu kok orang2nya gak bisa bahasa inggris..payah yaaa…

    trus mereka sukanya nyilang2in tangan di dada kalo udah gak tau kita ngomong apa. gua sering tuh digituin, bete deh, kaya mau berubah jadi ksatria baja hitam aja huahaha 😀

  2. @ ci pit.
    hehe segeraaa ^^

    @ ci viol
    setujuuuuuuu bangeeettt…
    btw silang tangan itu jurus ampuh buat saya juga ci hahaha…
    kalo udah mentok… nunduk2 sambil silang tangan haha..ngerti de mereka haha
    * berubaaaahh *

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