Got mad in the mud – The Event

Yeah…after this and that… that happened..Plus when we went it was a cat-and-dog rain 😦 *keep wishing*

The rain was go back and forth… made my heart like that too… wish it could be better when we arrived…
and..tadaaa… it was ^^ when we arrived in Boryeong…it was so shiny…fyuhh…so relieve

still there was something happen after our arrival..but not a big deal la.. ^^
after we arrived, HaeYoung n YuJin helped us to get the ticket back to Seoul.. *thnx gal*
then we had lunch “냉면” (read : naeng.myeon, which means cold noodle)..yes… we ate noodle with ice inside it..and YuJin helped me to cut the noodle with scissors wekekke.. *another Kor culture, scissors is a friend when we eat ^^..especially for samGyeopSal wekekek*.. Ok enough for the food… and this time HyeonSu paid for us… Thnx Hyeon..

Ok..stomach was safe now ^^’s time to play wekekek..

Hmm..since i was muddy..not many pictures taken ^^ more various pictures can be seen in Rika’s Flickr.. cos not many pictures in mine.

At first still didn’t want too muddy..

See the bright sky behind us ^^ … how lucky we were

and here’s the picture when Nan, Deb n YuJin (left to right) waited for the mud-slide.. cos the queue was soooo long, so we i didn’t take it ^^

and it’s just the matter of time before getting mad in the mud hahaha

After they (HaeYoung, Deb, Yujin) had the mud slide, nan had to go to take care of her contact lens… finally i got muddy wekekeke…

In overall, this festival was soooooo great…
moreover i could go there with friends too, this made me happier ^^ and also the weather was bright…yeah there was a rain..but not lot.. and after couple of minutes it was gone..

I would like to thank God for allowing this great day to be happened… though so many worrying things happened before…He still allowed us to go and back safely…

Tadaa….let me put the happy face in this post wekekeke

And after the festival, YuJin n me slept in HaeYoung’s home… and we had 삼계탕 (read : SamGyeTang) made by HaeYoung’s mom…OMG…it was soooo delicious..
moreover we just played whole day and had Hot Chicken with Ginseng…it was great ^^ and suddenly got fresh after ate it hehehe.. *i slept at 2am after that*

Huaa..what a blessed day to have a festival like that and good friends and nyummy meals

Once more i said Thank God for everything.


11 thoughts on “Got mad in the mud – The Event

  1. Whooaa seru, seru, seruu.. πŸ˜€
    Eh btw, itu festivalnya di deket pantai ya, abis berlumpur-lumpur ria, langsung ‘mandi’ di pantai kah? hihihi

  2. Yosss..itu dia yang daku lupa laporkeenn…

    iyah itu di pinggir pantai..jadi kalo maen aer, lumpurnya ngilang gitu…tapi disediain pancoran umum juga buat bilas aer bersi…

    dan buat yang mo mandi… na ini dia
    adanya public bathroom booo….aduuuu n ini bener2 public 😐 ya dipisah tentunya ce co..n ada cuma 1 ruang disekat 2, (tapi tengah2 bolong buat orang jalan), untuk orang mandi (shower bejejer – ga gitu liat jelas yang ini hhe) ama untuk ganti…

    tapi ending2nya daku ga mandi huahuahua..cuma ganti doang… geloo euy…ga biasa ah..
    ganti aja da cepet2…cuek aja de.. abis ganti langsung ngacir keluar hihi

    Tips buat selanjutnya :
    enakan kalo nginep see…nyewa losmen terdekat ruame ruame… jadi mandinya lebih nyaman hihihih

  3. @ pitshu
    huahuahua… jerawat jadi pada kering ni wekekek

    @ awe
    na itu dia side efek lab + math ga je bo wekekeke

    @ ci viol
    bangeeet… tapn depan pengen lagi..biar bisa poles lumpur yang warna warna hehe

  4. @ ci wil
    waduhh…abis dari 1 topik biki muncul lagi di sini >.<
    wekekeke…jawabannya ada di postingan “ada raja di perut de wekek”

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