King Inside the Stomach??

Yups… another conversation with my friend when we were preparing to go to the Mud Fest…

talked this and that… until one topic… I said to her.. “I wont wear that unless i had 6pack stomach ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” (let’s just define that in your own thought kekekee…)

6pack?? then i explained what’s that mean…. and obviously..there’s a korean idiom for “6pack stomach”
as it can be seen from the title… ^^ it is :

“배에 왕자가 있다” (read as bae.e it.da)
means : there is (있다) a king (왕자) in the stomach (배에)


how could it be??

the reason is because the word king, which is written as 왕자 comes from chinese word.. which is written like this 者… the word king (왕) it self written as

Sooo…the will be the shape of your stomach ^^ that looks like divided into several parts.. (but isn’t it looks like 4 packs instead of 6 packs :p) xixixix…
anyway… to me it’s interesting, make an idiom from the shape of the word ^^

Soo…when will i have a king in my stomach xixiix…
언제 “배에 왕자가 있다“가 할 수 있을까??

Again..thnx to HY ^^


9 thoughts on “King Inside the Stomach??

  1. @ ci pit..
    huahuahua..berarti 3 bulan sebelonnya kudu exercise rutin yak huahuaua

    @ ci viol..
    wekekek… diartiken sendiri aja de weekekke…
    intinya bisa pamer 6packs kalo pake “that” huahuahua

  2. @ san
    maksud loeee..numpang promo lee hom di sini yaaa hahah

    @ c ceemot n pitshu..
    haha pan da dijawab di postingannya 😛
    kasi daku kado alat situp duuunkkk…yang kayak di FF itu loo haha

    @ wiq
    난 몰라… 그단어는 문장으로 설명할 수 없어 ㅋㅋㅋ

    @ rika
    laa pan eloe yang bawa kameranya huahuahua 😛
    mana mana kasi dunk poto gua =))

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