Miss it >.<

This morning till I was so sleepy.. I do really miss my bed..
well but that’s not the main topic in here…that’s not what i miss a lot

soo..to overcome with it.. i played a fast beat song… “Cupid Shuffle” was on the top of the list ^o^ if you curious with the dance…just see the MV ^^ .. *thnx to Rika for the file kekeke*.. i think it’s like our Poco-poco kekeke.. but it’s not the traditional think…

Those songs helped me a bit… but still soo sleepy.. moreover there were stacks of papers have to be read…

Sooooo i challenged my self..to listen other songs ^^..
And the choice went to…. ELIJAH
Huaaa… i don’t even understand why this time i picked this songs ^^ .. and guess what… Yeah these songs woke me up especially in the dangerous after lunch time…

So i continue read the papers… while the choir singing it ^^

And G…. I do really miss the old days… i miss the rehearsal days…
*ko Ndaru, ci Wen L*.. I miss you.. i miss the coach… i miss the concert…
This ELIJAH really remind mind the last concert… G.. i do really miss it >.<

I miss the friends..
I miss the warm up..
I miss when the coach said “PITCH!!”
I miss the penalty when we came late ^^
I do really miss the choir…. GRII, JOS YC, JOS…
I still haven’t found something like that in here…
I miss when we had to sell our ticket concert..
I miss when we had to struggle for it
I miss the hectic before the concert
I miss the time when i just sit and let my friends did the make-over before the performance… *thnx c Jol ^ ^*
Guys… when will you have a concert in here ^^…
*W..please forward it to c Wen L ^^ – i know u read it 😀 then tell her to have a concert in here xixixi*

It might be sounds weird that now i’m listening it again…cos i usually play it for the preparation…
Especially before the chamber part… .G i still remember how i rewind rewind and rewind the song no.7…
Till the last minute still tried to memorize it in the backstage with friends cos we have to sing it “close book”… And suddenly the coach said… “open book” huaaa….. sooo relieve.. *it’s just like an exam huh*… and finally the concert ran well..

I miss being part of the choir again…

So..today i just tried to find some English-speaking choir in here… but still didn’t get any detail info..At least i found one and still wait for the reply.. but dunno laaa….

I might no be able to sing well
but… i love to learn in a choir
I miss the fellowship in it
I miss to obey all those running notes *or i used to say toge wekeke* in the partiture
I miss to be in the middle of the choir…then surrounded by the orchestra..
I miss the hectic when we have to memorize the song

fyuh.. i dont know how many times i wrote i miss it…

There’s a choir in the church that i attend now…
BUT… yeah… still the same main problem…Language…
Grrr…when will i overcome with this problem… just wait la…

G..if it’s possible for me, I do really wish i could be part of it again..
I think in overall, I miss to praise You in a choir again G…


Special thnx to my bro who pushed me to get into the choir… in the beginning
*without him i think i would never know how beautiful being part of it*
also to my coaches as i wrote before… Ko Nd n C Wen L..

And at last…I do thank God for giving me a chance to be part of it…
to know how awesome to learn together in a choir


4 thoughts on “Miss it >.<

  1. a yaaa…the pencil penalty…..
    in that time… saved by AW..otherwise i should bring dozen of pencils for other group in the next week…
    Don’t forget your pencil every week ^o^

  2. Hua..ha.. ha.. the pencil penalty.. And now even the drinking water penalty.. Same rules with the pencil. kekekek…

    OK, I will tell it to C Wen Ling that you miss the choir so much and want us to have a concert in Korea.. Ha..ha..

    If you can not find the English-speaking choir, just join the Korea-speaking choir.. Ha..ha.. It’s a good thing.. you can learn toge en huruf korea at the same time.. It will make you smarter (multitasking ability).. atau tambah pusing ?? Ha..ha…

    Yeah.. I feel the same feeling waktu gw di Jakarta pertama kali.. Untungnya akhirnya bisa nebeng di JOSYC.. kekekekek… Thanks for bringing me into JOSYC yach..

  3. weks… water penalty… gut gut..perlu itu wakakaka kan minum aer penting hahaha

    hahaha…multitasking abis itu mah…baca toge, baca sapu lidi, imitate tone (karena kemampuan baca toge pas pasan), nguping sebelah ngomong apa (karena kemampuan baca sapu lidi juga pas pasan) hahaha…
    * lalu bayangkan jika lagunya kayak the horse and his rider … tewas di tempat de wekekek *

    kkk welkom ^^ my pleasure 😛

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