July 2008 has gone..

Fyuh…time flies… and here i am in the new month again…it’s already Aug 2008… means..5 months left for this year…

Actually I wanted to reflect it on June…but… not able to do it…

You may delay, but time will not – Benjamin Franklin –

That quote splashes on my mind… yeah.. i could delay not to write it…but time will never wait..
time gives the same amount to all people in the world…
no matter how bad some people wish to fasten up the time
or to slow down the time
time will never stop ticking, nor ticking faster

Let see back my resolution in this year..and see how much God had led me till this day..

1. Though dad’s eye can’t be back to normal, but at least we could do some prevention from getting worse (1 point ^ ^)
2. Yeah..did it.. I could buy the visa n the ticket with my own ^ ^… though it drought up my account…but i do happy with it ^ ^ (1 point ^ ^)
3. the administration ran very well…so smooth…^ ^…visa ran well, I’ve already change to multiply entry in here… (1 point ^ ^)
4. Yups…it’s done well too… nothing left in my previous room, even I’ve brought some of it to here again kkkk (1 point ^ ^)
5. Never been better than it ^ ^.. I arrived safely…and my friends picked me up..hua..what a blessed thing (1 point ^ ^)
6. err err…still have to learn a lot to do it…saving saving !!!>..remember tata..saving is important!!!
7. Yihaaa… i got itt….. i remembered the first time i played with it ^ ^ we were so happy… and i do love snow ^ ^ (1 point ^ ^)
8 – 9. Still in the process for it..
10. Bro’s wedding was awesome…how i changed to be Princess Tita kkk.. and what made me happy to.. i could fund my flight by myself (though ..again..it depleted my saving… but…no regret for it… it’s a great thing to be there ^ ^) (1 point ^ ^)
11. Aaa…this thing still frustrating me.. BUT… 5 months left right?? Never give up !!!! More over start from tomorrow i’ll take a new course in a new place…though it’s not free anymore :(( *for better future ta!! kk*
12. amin…first term has passed well…no C kkk but second term waits ahead!! (0.5 point ^ ^)
13. Hohoho… some places already visited… BUT still lot of places still wait to be visited ^ ^ (0.5 point ^ ^)
14. aaaaa i do really wish for it… But… keep wishing…. *but winter will be very cold for them >.<, just pray*

fyuh… so i made 14 points huh…but i think most of it are short term resolution…
But i could understand why did i do that…. it was my first time to go abroad… i must be very worried bout it… will i able to get friends, will i able to adapt… so many thoughts in that day…

I do thank God… He had led me so far…even more than i imagine

So far my score is 8 of 14*freak me huh…use to value my target* well 6 points still wait for the rest 5 months…

But out of these 8 points….I think I got more than I expected…lot of things that i haven’t thought before…God gave me in a way that i never imagine…

Hmmm curious to list it down…
– That time i only knew lot of good places in here…But… it’s not only that, there were lot of interesting events in here too… and moreover… i became part of it
– Friends??? He gave me more than i thought.. Indonesian, other foreigner, even the local… and now i have some good friends.. those whom i can share my thoughts and my worries… thnx for being there pals..
– Organization? The first time i saw their web (hey i even put it in my blog-link kkk)… i just wondering…will i able to be one of the member? But now…i became one of them…even the one who might have to hunt some members in specified area in every event….then asked to pay the monthly fee hahahha…

Hmmm and there are more and more and more… not enough space to write it all kkk… i think those things enough to represent other things… things that i never imagine before…but suddenly i already in it.

Thank’s God

Sooo..how bout you that already set your 2008’s resolution in the beginning of this year???
* no worries, it’s not a tag kkk… just to remember what we had set and how far we’ve been*


4 thoughts on “July 2008 has gone..

  1. Ada, tapi gak tertulis.. Jadi lupa.. Ha..ha.. Anak yang aneh… ^_^

    Congratz buat result semester ini yee.. Ada IP2 an gak sih ? Klo ada pasti kayak di Binus lagi deh.. di ambang 4.. kekekek…

  2. @ c viol
    wekekeke..ayo ayo dibuat 😛

    @ pitshu
    pan masi ada 4 bulan lagi 😛 ayo ditambah resolusina 😛

    @ aw
    huehuehue…. itulah gunanya blogging 😀
    thank youuu…ada w ip ip an…hahahhaa… ho oh diambang 4 (ga sampe 4) sekarang…
    TAPI… max nya di sini 4.5 huahuahuaa…
    jadi masi jauuuuuuuhhhh w kekekeke

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