From head to toe

Fyuh…so many things want to write..but not enough time…and still not finish resize the pic…

glance update…
on Saturday
I went to Everland with friends.. *finally:p*…from 7am (from dorm) till 11pm (arrive at dorm)
we spent 9.30am till 9pm in there…so interesting.. and most of it we walked n walked

on Sunday
I went to around Ehwa(let’s call it Idae) for searching friend’s gift… since i went from the church, so i stopped by at friend’s place to go together… soooo… i walk from Sinchon to Idae (later will update the route) then in Idae…still walking n walking n walking…n also shopping kkk.. i bought 3 clothes >.<
and unfortunately i used my formal shoes

N i just realized i drank so little…plus… i drink too many cold water (actually lemon tea :P) in this day..

on Monday
woke up with a sore throat…hix… i think it’s my tonsil…
it’s sooo hurt when i swallow something… hix…
then after the Korean class, i went to K*RI for friend’s bday party…
and…unfortunately we took wrong transportation to go back… we took bus…and this bus took a round round round round…something for sure, subway is faster.. *wrong choice to pick up the bus*
sooo..since we’re not sure… we stopped quite far from the campus… means…. walk walk n walk again…

aaa…my foot….

also now..i got lil bit dizzy..dunno is it from the pain in the throat..or just lack of sleep or too tire..
then the tonsil…hix… wish you could be better fast yak… so it’s not only the combination of spicy/hot meals + colds drinks…it’s also too many cold drinks could my tonsil worse 😦

my neck lil bit hurt too… may be because of just too tired…

aaa..when will it be finish…


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