Hello doc ^^

Finally i met the doc ^ ^..

First thing that i worried about before met the doc was….will he able to speak english :D.. cos one of the biggest prob in non-english-speaking country… is… communication…
I’ve tried to find some words that relate with my case…
But…. luckily the doc and the nurse can speak english well…. ^^ Thnx a lot doc kkk

Today..still not so good.. at first i felt hurt in the right side..but today..the left side started to hurt..haiyaaa… and also felt lil bit tickle in my throat… hope it wont be a cough.. thought it’s already start a lil cough cos of the tickling throat..

Soo..after checked n checked… he gave me
1. Penicillin (it’s Amoxicillin + potassium clavulanate).. at first i read the potassium ….err..scary word hehehe… It’s an antibiotic
2. Pill.. .dunno what kind of pill is it… but let’s think it’s as a pain killer, cos i didn’t feel as hurt as yesterday… Yesterday was the worst… 😦 …it was really painful
3. Liquid… but just for gargling..

So overall, it’s worse but also better…
– worse cos it spread to the left side…
– better cos it’s not as painful as yesterday… just try to think that un-named pill is the painkiller hehehe (better not to know la :P)

So my throat… be ready!!!.. i won’t give up kkkk..
thought it’s hurt, i’ll keep eating and tomorrow i’m going to find honey ^^ … a warm honey… Hmm….sounds good 😀

the doc said, it will be better within a week. If it’s not, then come again..
haiya doc… i do really with it will be better in less than 3 days hahaha 😛

How i miss to swallow, yawn, n sneeze freely ^ ^

Good nite…time to sleep 😀


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