Hmm…after i tried to look it back..hmm should it called busy??
well, let’s see…

Start from this month, i started to take Korean course in new place…
Yeah it’s not free anymore, moreover it’s expensive… BUT… it’s more extensive and i need it.
Soo… it’s worthed for me.

The course is 10x in a month…so every mon, wed i’ll go there, and for fri i’ll go there in 2 weeks. and it will be from 7pm – 8.50pm (let’s count it as 9pm)

So only tue and thu left…(also fri -once in 2 weeks- when there’s no course)

yesterday i met new friend, she needed a pair for english conversation, and i also need a pair for korean conversation…so, we met and set the day to meet every week…

And we decided every tue and thur…from 8pm – (around) 9.30pm
yeahh..complete huh…. πŸ˜›
but i don’t regret it…cos i need it too…

cos this month there is no course, so no crazy homework like before
that’s why i want to do my best in this month too…
but for next month, i still don’t know, if it’s hard for me, hmmm let see what will be happen

So the consequence of it all…I should go back earlier than usually
(well u know what time i used to go back from lab huh :p)
so the early in here is around 6pm :p kekekkee
and because the time is limited… i should put my best in my research too…
cos not much time left for me… and many things have to be learned now…

when i tried to see this condition, it looks like a crazy thing…
to set up all of my day like this… only free in saturday n sunday evening…
but i’m enjoying it…
and usually i’ll spend my weekend with looking around, finding out new event, or anything πŸ˜€

from this condition i learned how to count down well…
because not many time can be spent in lab now, so i should do much much better than before…
looks like it’s going to be hard to blog in lab 😦

But dunno laa… let’s see what’s going on… what waits me ahead, i still don’t know too πŸ˜€

just keep giving my best, not to be the best of me, but to be better me.

*unimportant post at midnite, but suddenly want to write something…it’s 2am now :p*



3 thoughts on “Busy?

  1. @ c ceemot
    huiii… ga looooo…
    *padahal ini baru abis jalan ampe kulit tutung wakakaka*

    @ aw
    wekekek…kan biar bisa belajar yang baek kudu refreshing juga lo πŸ˜›

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