Yihaa…. i can swallow well now huahuahuahua…. what a great thing…happy happy ^^

Thnx God 😛
thnx doc… 😀

but i’m still taking the pills till 3 more days… but it’s ok, as long as its better, i’ll take it…
fyuhh..seems like addicted to the pills??? nope…cos it’s antibiotic…so i should finish it well and i don’t wanna get sick again 😛

so it’s been 5 days i didn’t have any cold drinks… I missed 2 icecream >.< but..it’s ok..i can have it again after i fully recover waakakkakaka

I had warm honey, hot tea, hot coffee, warm water…anything that can make my throat better
* Geee… i do miss the pringi >.<…. everyday i see it stands in front of me… :D*

I do thank G cos it’s not hurt anymore…. to feel pain everytime i swallow it was terrible >.<

dear my throat… be patient…soon you’ll be recover ^^
then after that, let’s have pringi hohoho, then korean noodle (lil bit spicy, but cos of the pepper, not chili:P), hmm and ice cream…. kkkkk

But…one rule!!! don’t mixed up the cold and the spicy 😀
and don’t take the spicy meals or cold drinks too much…okeh ^^

can’t wait for the day to eat pringi again
Pringi has nothing to do with this tonsillitis loooo 😛 kkkkk *another self-defense:P*


3 thoughts on “Yihaa…

  1. Hua.. Selamat sudah sembuh.. Tuh denger apa kata si Doc di comment.. He..he…
    Si P&G naruh apaan di Pringi ya ampe klo sekali makan ga bisa berenti2.. Ha..ha… Gw jg kadang ngebut makan pringi gak jelas… He..he..

  2. @ doc
    duh..tiba2 tulisannya ga bisa dibaca dok kkkkkk

    @ aw
    wekeke tengki tengki.. iyah..kata dok kudu rutin makan pringi sebulan ya….ga jelas euy…ga kebaca kkkk
    huahuahua…tuuu kaaann 😀 bukan salah ku loooo 😛 salah P&G looo 😛
    mari kita rayakan ke(hampir)sembuhan ini dengan makan pringi huahuahuaa

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