Expensive or Cheap ??

Some people asked about how’s the life in here (seoul)… especially the living cost in here…
so after some thought and comparisons..now i’m getting confuse hihihi…

Hmmm at first I came here..everything felt so expensive… and i still try to convert it in Rp..(to make it easy, let’s count 1 won as 10 rp). Then after 6 months of living here… it starts to change now… cos i know i can’t live like that… otherwise, i wont enjoy my life in here 😀

I might had wrote bout it (the comparison between the meals and pringi ^^), but let’s see more comparisons…

ok..so let’s start it..

Lil bit confuse what kinda thing can be chose to be a standard… so i try to use the meals, since every body needs it.

For daily life,
– if i have my meal (Lunch) in student’s cafeteria, it will cost around 2700 – 3300…. actually the standard price is 2900 (it’s the price for our free dinner)
– if i have my meal outside (just a common eating place – “level warteg naek dikiiiit de”) it will be around 3000 – 5000, but usually for one Bibimbap (mixed rice) that i like, it is 5000. And this is very common resto.. it’s not in the mall (alias pinggir jalan)
– but if i share my meal with friends, last time it was around 3000.

Ok…now for other things that still relate with daily life..
– for snack, like pringi, it’s just 1900 ^^
– for coffee (since it’s my fav ^^) , it depends…
=> in the vending machine it will cost around 500 – 700.
=> in convenient store (like in indomart etc) it will cost around 700 – 1200
=> and last time i had my coffee in Lotteria (kinda fast food eating place) it was 2500
=> in coffee shop (like bucks, tom-tom) usually it starts around 3000
– for street-side snack, usually it’s around 1000 – 2000. (street-side snack is like what i said Korean Snack in here)
– for transportation, if i take subway, it will cost around 900 – 1200 for one way…so far this is the most convenient transport system for me…. instead of the bus.. cos i can’t predict the time if i take the bus.
– for make-up kkkk..sorry this one i’m clueless…what i know only the body butter from BS kkkk..it’s 20,000 here >.<
– shampoo and friends… for one bottle of 820ml of shampoo it’s around 4600 – 5000 (i take the store that i usually visit)

and the last…

– for shopping hauhuahuahuaa…lately i like to do it ^^



Ok..this is the newest thing that i bought today ^^…
cos i saw it in subway station on my way back to dorm.

Ok..guess how much is it for a pair of sock…
*i’ve tried it and it fits in my foot hihihii*

Ok besides the socks… last weekend i bought some clothes around Ewha Univ… Gee.. i do really like this place :D… many choices and not expensive of course 😀

Ok..i didn’t buy a lot..just 3 pieces..
and for one piece it was 5000 only…
so with 5000 i could get a cloth for daily use…

For shoes, i saw lot of in the ewha and subway stations…it’s around 7000 – 10000 (well that’s my standard kkkk) there were lot of more than that of course

Soooo is it expensive or cheap??

But if you buy the clothes in the dept.store, it will be different case (anyway i never did it) may be it will be aroud 20,000 – ~~~~~~ (unlimited)

hihihi..now the purpose of the post already out of the main topic huahuahua… but anyway shopping is also needed kkkk

So is it expensive or not, u decide ^^
( it’s all just based on my experience and my standard of buying… you could get more expensive stuffs easily of course…and also depend on your luck 😀 )

*PS : the socks are only 200 per pair hihihi…it’s even cheaper than a cup of coffee 😀 *


6 thoughts on “Expensive or Cheap ??

  1. pernah nanyak sama boss korea, kalo dari sini kesono yah itungannya mahal ajegile, tapi kalo dari sana kesini yah murah ajegile.

    1 kale cola aja disana 5,000 disini cuma 3,000. trus kek bahan bakar boil, disana 1 lt kurang lebih 15,000. hihihihihi…

  2. @ pitshu
    Hahahha… terakhir liat coca cola 1 ltr di spmkt 4000 ya kalo ga salah hihihi…iya tu bensin yang ajegilee

    @ rika
    Iya yak..di kist… gua kemaren 500 itu di tempat les ya kalo ga salah… kl di gereja gereja malah 100 doang hihihi….*kadang gratis hahah*

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