It’s not easy to be a hamster’s not easy to be a hamster…

Last week i went to Han River to attend the Hi Seoul Summer Festival 2008… it was so interesting… we (Rika, Gema n me) took a dragon boat, where we “dayung” together in a big boat ^^

And there was one game called Zorb… and it was only me that tried it >.<

The Ball

The Ball

As you can see there’s a ball in side the ball
this one is plastic ball that floating on the river
there’s one hole on the side…that the way to get in and get out.

Short Briefing

Short Briefing

The guard told be how to ride it…
He showed it how to act like a hamster… roll roll n roll in a ball
It looks quite easy huh…just roll n roll

Get in

Get in

Get ready to go out

Get ready to go out only took couple of minutes for mee…Geee…it was not easy at all…
actually there was a red line inside of the ball, to show us the direction….But… silly me, i walked the wrong way, which made the hole to the bottom…so the water came in…. Fyuhhh… Got wet >.<
so i just raised up my hand to tell them, i want to go back ….

Fyuhh…it was not only wet but also it made me sweat…

But overall it was a good experience… and i want to take it next time πŸ˜€

In that time it was lil bit raining, n cos of that there was a rainbow…huhuhuhu..really want to capture it…but my cam could get it…

and there’s one game that i wanted to try… it’s just to jump to the river from 8m kkkk…
Buttttt… i didn’t bring any spare clothes 😦 what a miss…

More photos can be seen in here

*time to sleep*

– Updated –

Here’s the video that done by the expert ^^ he ran soooo fast
*nung….wanna try???*

– end of update –


9 thoughts on “It’s not easy to be a hamster

  1. eh di sini juga ada tu maenan begitu..

    tapi bolanya cuma satu..

    waktu tu kenny nyoba, tapi baru masuk bentar da ketakutan, keluar lagi de hahah.. πŸ˜€

  2. @ anung
    kkkkk iya nung..bagus banget buat training…cepet de itu keringetannya

    @ c ceemot
    Ooo ada ya..di atas aer juga gituh

    @ c wil
    hihihi… waaa… belon perna ke sonohhhh…pengennnnn

    @ c viol looooo….
    pantesan hamster jarang yang gemuk ya hihihi

    @ c pit
    Hahaha kalo piara beneran, itu hamster alamat terlantarkan de kkkk
    iyah ciiii ayooo dicoba dicoba πŸ˜›

  3. kyaa… lucu banget! pengen nyobainnn…

    masalahnya kita ga selincah si hamster yang lagi muter2 ampe bayangan kaki aja enggak keliatan karena dia menggunakan jurus ” tapak seribu bayangan ” hahahahaha…

  4. good to see some experiences u had in Korea
    I’m Korean but never seen those things in my life:)
    I should go and try~ thx

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