Combo Weekend

Quick report for the weekend before I loose my will to write xixixix

Day 1 (Sat, 08.08.23)

It supposed to be started at 9am…but finally we went at 10am..
Actually this is part of the “buddy program” so we (students) have buddy/buddies (which is new student) and we introduce them bout our campus and the city. Our (rika n i, cos we shared the buddy) buddies are from Etiopia πŸ˜€ Good to know you guys :).
Finally we decided to go on last weekend…soo we went in a group (11people)..

Trip of the day :

First Round =>
1. GyeongBokGung (palace) – it’s my first time too ^^
(then walked to)
2. Insa-Dong (traditional street) – it’s my 3rd time
(then walked to)
3. CheongGyeCheon (small river in the city) – hmmm i think it’s my 2nd or 3rd time (dunno for sure)
(finally took a bus to)
4. N-Tower / NamSan Tower / Seoul Tower – it’s my 3rd time
(but still have to walked again – and it’s inclined road – hihihi)

then we went back to the dorm…

Second round =>

After had a dinner (chikin-an with our own rice – err..yeah…actually it’s only me who ate that rice – ) then the second round begun…
We (but our buddies didn’t join us) went to HongDae (you can guess it from the explanation in the web hihi)…
1. Bar – I met other indonesian friends…good to gather like this…
oits… don’t worry I just shared the Orange Juice with k niken πŸ˜›
2. Club
Sooo this is club.. *finally i saw it*…
Most of the time in the club i spent with…..
– Joined the group : hmm just in the last minute.. We did poco poco hahahaha πŸ˜›
– Watched the others : it was really interesting… ^ ^ see others danced happily.. created their own style..
– Ate the snack:to help me to get awake ;P
– and… Slept : tata…sleep anytime and anywhere kkkkkkk….

Gee.. i was so sleepy after sightseeing from the noon till evening.. Soo.. sleep is the best way πŸ˜€

then we went back around 2am..

Day 2(08.08.24)

woke up in the morning…after had a fight with the alarm (as usual)…
then had an (adult) english class, church, lunch and once more (teen) english class

And the next one is 63Building ^ ^

Finally… I can say “I’ve been there :D”…
and the one that i like the most is….



Huaa I was soo happy when i saw it ^ ^
moreover it was the first spot when we entered the seaworld ^^

Sooooo cute πŸ˜€

I wish i could touch it someday ^^


Beside that, I always love the night view πŸ˜€

The detail bout it will be posted *someday hihihi*
Ok..time to sleep now ^ ^


5 thoughts on “Combo Weekend

  1. @ c pit…
    yo iiii…daku kalo udah liat night piew…ga kukuuuuu

    @ c viol
    thank you juga
    hah masa seee ga bisa dipegang cii???
    pengen pegang looo..kayaknya fluffy gituh hihihi..pengen peloook…trus poto bareng :p

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