Yes…I win it ^^

굿모닝 Mr.해 ^^ (litterally read as : gutmoning mr.hae -hae = sun)

Finally after a long time (since July i guess) just for today… i win!!!!
against Mr.해 hihihi..

For so long I’ve struggled to wake up earlier..but still always late 😦 8am even the earliest was around 7.30 i guess… I do really have to change it..and i want it..BUT… it’s so hard 😦
Hmmm i used to sleep late to.. kkkkk.. around 1 or sometimes 2am xixixix… fyuhhh…

Sooo..actually last nite i slept around 1….BUT today i woke up at…(after struggle with alarm-as usual-) 5am hohohohoho…..5 am…woke up..brushed my tooth…


climbed up the hills nearby ^ ^ to welcome Mr.해 ^^ (sunrise supposed to be 5.59am)

I’ve planned it since yesterday…so i tried to find the way there…I just tried the inclining way to reach there 😀 since i didn’t know for sure the way to find a good spot like here..



So i just walked walked n walked…till mr.해 came up.. i still couldn’t find the good spot…
so I tried to catch the sunrise though the spot was not too good ^ ^

Mr.해 still hide behind the mountain (wish i could go there tomorrow ^^)

So I continued to walk again…looked around..
Geee in this early morning, so many elder did a sport.. *shame on me :(* they looked so energetic… to meet them in this place, means they also have to climb it… *wow*

I took around 40 minutes from my dorm to the hills…and finally… i found a good spot ^ ^…
so put my bag for a while then took some pictures…
though the results are not great enough, but i’m happy cos finally i did it ^ ^

Houses and mountains

Houses and mountains

woke up in the morning…had a walk…
it’s just great ^ ^ to greet mr.해 in the morning

On my way back…
I took Strawberry and banana milk ^^ for this early breakfast 😀

Have a good day ^o^

More pictures can be seen here


6 thoughts on “Yes…I win it ^^

  1. @ c ceemot
    Ah masa seee…anggrek lt.8 bisa tu ci 😀

    @ pitshu
    hah..gelooo apa resepnya pit..bisa sering bangun lebih awal dari Mr.해

    @ ci pit
    iya ni ci…aura pengen mendakinya lagi kumat hihihi
    pengen liat pemandangan dari tempat tingiiiiiii

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