*melo mode on*
Fyuhh..that word again…

can’t remember when, i ever said that i don’t like that word… I prefer “see you” instead of goodbye

But i’ve learned there are times when i should say this word…

Yups…today…on their anniversary, it supposed them who got the present
But i feel like, it’s me who got the present

Finally it’s been decided…
Wow…when i tried to look back to the old posts…It’s been almost a year huh…
For me it might be the first one (as i posted in here)…
After couple of years, finally we got it..

But now because of this and that.. we should let it go..

I do understand the reason behind it
and i learned a lot from it..
I learned to let it go πŸ™‚

and they decided it today…
So i do really let it go…

for me it’s a good lesson..
May be I set my heart to physically thing to much before
But now…
I’ve learned… ^ ^

Now, i can find my home everytime i want and everywhere
My home is in my heart… πŸ™‚
Where i can find both of you πŸ™‚
whenever we gather together…
no matter where is it
though it’s just a phone call, or meet somewhere in a short time
That’s my home ^ ^

I think it’s good that i’m not there
Cos i think if i were there,
it might be harder for me ^ ^

May be…next time when i go there…
I just can say hello to it
with lot of memories in it
I might miss those moments

*melo mode off*

life goes on gal ^ ^

Goodbye lovely home πŸ™‚

G..please help mom dad n bro through these times…
it will be a busy time for them…
cos we have to totally move from there b4 dad’s bday…

*postingan gajebo di sore hari*


4 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. Everything comes and goes in our life..
    Attachment create the suffer, yup, life must go on gal..
    Though it’s upset and mellow, but remember one thing, all those happy moments ever came to you, and remain those in your heart and you’ll be happy, i hope. πŸ™‚

  2. Mello lagi mello lagi.. He..he..
    Jadi udah kejual ya ? Trus pada ke mana jadinya ?
    Ikutan aaahhh..
    It’s a house, not a home..
    Your trully place to stay is home…
    A lot of memories behind, but there will be a lot of new experience in the new house afterwards..
    Sooner or later it will become a past again.. And life still goes on and on..
    Duuuuhhh.. Nawoonnn ??? Unclear deh, Awe…
    *eror mode ON*

  3. @ c wil
    Makaci ci willl
    *hug hug ci wil*

    @ san
    *tambah hug san…*

    @ aw
    na itu dia lagi cari cari hihihi… homeless πŸ˜›
    huaaaaaa jadi tambah meloooo kkkkkk goes on…

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