Happy Wed Anniversary ^ ^

Happy wedding anniversary for my mom n dad :*

Miss u both….

Wish u abundant of health
Wish u a happy n merry life

Both of you are so different, but both of you are perfect combination for me
Though sometime you gave me a hard time,
but through that time I found every meaning behind it all
And you always be my shelter after those hard times
Cos you always know the best for me

Thank you for not spoiling me
so i can be what i am now
Thank you for introduce me what is life
so i don’t live in my own imagination of beautiful life
Thank you for sharing your struggle as a parent
cos not many parents want to share

Thank you for always being there
though I use to live out of home
but I’ve learned what’s the real home for me

No matter how far i am
No matter how other thing about me
In front of you, i always be your lil daughter ^ ^

Thank you for introduce me what’s the real meaning of home
Thank you for supporting me
Thank you for praying for me
Thank you for every single thing that you do, though i never know

I love you dad
I love you mom
Wish i could be a better lil daughter for you

God bless both of you forever and ever
Love you…


6 thoughts on “Happy Wed Anniversary ^ ^

  1. wah happy anniversary buat papa mama ya..
    yg keberapa neh? 28th anniversary kah?
    wish their crafted boat keep their bonding stronger and stronger every single day and happiness surrounds..

    eh spell nya mom and day? di paragraf pertama.. ha ha, ga penting ya..

  2. Sayang Bapak.. Sayang Ibu… He..he…
    Hepi wed anniversary buat urmom en dad yaa..
    Duuh.. yang lagi mellow bisa2 nya buat puisi kayak gitu..
    Jadi inget lagunya sapa saya.. Let me go home… So let me go home…

  3. @ c ceemot
    Maaci ciii

    @ ci wil
    na itu dia yang ga inget ke berapa hihih…
    kalo itung dari koko, harusnya da lebih 28 kali ya hihihi
    tengki tengki

    *makaci koreksina, da dibenerin hihih*

    @ ci pit
    maacii…huaaa…pengeeennn juga…

    @ aw
    kkk makaciiii…mana mana kadonya.. *nah loo wekeke*
    huaaa…ditambah si bubble…
    *padahal baru berapa ari lalu nongol di blog ci pit*

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