739.5 m = (almost) 8 hours

Yups..that’s the equation for today…

to reach 739.5m, we walked 3.1km (geee..it’s just 3.1km – that’s what the map said)…
to walk 3.1km, we spent around 3.5 – 4 hours… (OMG)
that’s the way to go up

That time 100m, felt sooooo long

To go down,  
Since we took different way, so i didn’t know how far we’ve walked
Something for sure..when I were there…I was worry that we were lost…
since there were only 2 of us😦

But anyway…  It was a great day :) 


Here’s the report

Sooo..after welcoming and escorting Mr.Hae on Thursday (Aug 28th), 
on Friday, Gema n I went to Bukhansan National Park and we took Dobongsan (Mt.Dobong)’s path

Hmmm we arrived there around 10.30, then we started to walk walk n walk to reach the peak..

The flower welcomed us warmly :D 

I just prepared 2 bottles of water, then 3 snickers, and some biscuits…
And I borrowed Nan’s hat :D… *i have no hat looo :(*
Cos i think it will be so hot uncomfortable if i wear no hat nor sun glasses.. 


Soo..on our way to go up..we stopped couple of times….
Geee…the old people passed us so fast😦 *what a shame*
One of old man that I asked, he went here twice a week (What?!?!?!…)
I was totally absolutely breathless😦 *ketauan banget jarang exercisena kkkk*

some pictures that i love


More pictures can be seen here

And to go to the peak, i went there with my lovely tripod *thnx a lot to ko win n c chris😀 for this tripod..it’s very very useful :P*
Cos gema said she’ll wait near the rope…😦
So…I went there… while Gema was waiting… *sorry to make you wait quite long :D*

The views from the peak??
It was adorable, amazing, and lovely…*out of word to describe it :D*
moreover the feeling when i reached it…then drank a bottle of carrot juice….

Huaa…soooo refreshing…all the tiresome when we climbed it up…it’s all gone.. :D 
Some people looked me and may be they thought that…
this weird gal..climbed it up alone, then took pictures…set the timer..then ran to make a pose… kekekeke

whatever… as long as i got those pictures…with me in it *It’s a must looo* 


more narcist beautiful pictures are here (in the peak) and here (going back)

That time we were out of water…😦 so i just can gargle with the water from the river *since not sure bout that*, and when we found vending machine….huaaa..what a heaven😀
I drank 2 cans of pocari in less than 5 minutes *kan mengembalikan ion tubuh yang hilang hihihi* 

Time to sleep now ^ ^
i’ll have my first class tomorrow😀

8 thoughts on “739.5 m = (almost) 8 hours

  1. wuaaa..bagus ya..😀
    ta, waktu gua kesana gua mendaki juga lo, tapi gua lupa..apa ya..seongsan sunrise peak kayanya..pemandangan dari atasnya juga bagus..di korea banyak batu yang warnanya kuning2 gitu ya🙂

  2. @ san
    hahaha..yups…mostly(90%) taken by my cam.
    I do love my cam and the tripod😀

    @ wenny
    yuppp..come come…come here…

    @ ci viol
    eh eh..apa itu..seongsan sunrise peak???
    *cariiii…catet….. masup list hihihi *
    ini da jadi high-place lover dee wekekeke

    @ zen
    huahuahua…ga looo…kan ion yang keluar 2 liter *belagak ngitung :p*
    ayoooooo sini ajaaahhhh….

    @ pitshu
    hihihi..ayo makanya mari ke sini😛
    kita jalan2 hihihihi…
    *tapi da mulai bokek ni*

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