looks like not only me that feel the “down”
when i tried to blogwalk i found some…
and when i tried to look out the messenger status, i found some too

dunno what should be the tittle of this post…
just dunno la…

Anyway for those who shared it, i’d like to say thnx…

sometime, when we’re feeling down
and we can’t pour it out…

it’s not an advice that i need
nor someone beside me..
cos sometime i need time to be alone
though in that loneliness might be a dangerous time
time where i could drown deeper in my silly thought

sometime it’s just enough to know
that I’m not alone
that I’m not alone who face problems
it’s just enough to know it
For those people who share their “down”..once more..thank you
You might be just want to pour our your feeling,
but in the other side, those posts really helpful

Well i know that i’m not alone and never be alone..
I have my Father up there
The One that always say…
If you fail to look around, look upward

But sometime…
it just feel hard to look upward
or it’s too shame to look upward

Fyuh…dunno la..
still unable to write down everything..
still feel like in the middle of nowhere

Feel like
Others already found their way
or at least their direction
But it’s me who still left behind..
not because they don’t want to pull me out..
it’s just because i’m the one who refuse their hands

Dear my self..
wake up!!!!

– end –

hyuh..dunno how will it be..
just keep walking…

just like my friend said….”hel* with it” kekekeke.. thnx ci πŸ˜›

another silly thought in the evening..


Have a nice weekend


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