A New Way

It’s part of the introduction chapter from the book that i read 
*well actually my friend in church gave this topic for our class*
and somehow I like the way of thinking of the writer

The book title is Shattered Dream by Larry Crabb 

And “A new way” is part of the introduction part that He wrote.

Well… Just let see how far i could keep update it… 

Since i’m in the middle of nowhere, nowadays this book is really help..
so i try my best to read some chapters 

Some points that I got from this chapter “A New Way” are

God is now dealing with us in a new way. Our badness is no longer the obstacle to blessing, nor is our goodness the condition for blessing

My thought :
but somehow we chose to enjoy our goodness to long, when we thought it was a great blessing, in the other side it might be the our temptations. Cos when everything is good, so we need no more. 
In the other side, when everything feels so bad, so frustated, somehow that’s our turning point.. that’s the time when we realized that we’re nothing…

He allows our lower dreams to shatter. He lets us hurt and doesn’t make it better. 
We suffer and He stands by and does nothing to help, at least nothing what we’re aware we want Him to do. 

Well yeah…we used have big dreams for our life, dreams that we thought that’s our purpose in life, dreams that we struggled for.
But….those dreams, might be just piece of cake for Him…it’s a lower dream.
While we were busy to reach for our dreams,He already prepared a big dream for us.
BUT we used to push it all in our way…
So sometime He made our dreams shattered into pieces…into small pieces..things that break our heart.. 
How could He do that…break down my big dreams into pieces…

But He might use those random pieces, to make a better puzzle 
and He might add it
till become a great puzzle that we never think before

Even if shattered dreams have made it seem impossible to ever dream again.
That’s what the new way makes possible

In this kinda condition, though it’s hard and totally not understandable
no other choices but just believe and keep try my best.


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