The Parable

“What’s the worlds greatest lie?” the boy asked”
“It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, 
we lose control of what’s happening to us,
and our lives become controlled by fate.”
quote from Paulo coelho

That’s the opening quote in the 2nd section of Introduction titled “The Parable”

I like the way he described how the man’s life, that looks to be good and “blessed” slowly turned into nothing…
The reason is not because He is bad…I believe He never be…  
but slowly when everything seems to perfect, man starts to think he deserves the good life…
he’ll do good things, to reach that good life
the life that he enjoyed by him self only
the life that turned God into his servant

What’s splashed on my mind when i read till in the middle of this part… 

Dad, i’ve done it, isn’t it mean i deserve to get a good thing?
Dad, i have a problem, it’s time to show your power to solve this thing
Dad, if you’re good, why you let me to stumble on that stone?
Dad, if you know everything, why don’t you stop me when you it won’t work
Dad, if you……, why don’t you…..
And finally if you’re the omnipotent one, why don’t you ……  

Isn’t it a common questions? 
And it’s so normal to ask like that…

Ok now…
I know that i have a superpower dad, and i know he can do everything…
If I give my dad that kinda shopping list
all of the things that he has to do…and have to be finished just like our request..
So isn’t it mean that he is just our servant..
isn’t it mean that now I’m the one the omnipotent one…
cos i have the right to order my dad
and my dad will always obey me…

Huff….What a thought…

Anyway…back to the book 

In this chapter the writer described the steps when the man turned into helpless..

He lost hope, he fell into depression, his worship stopped.
He could only see his pain, he could not see God
The fog around the man’s soul thickened until he could feel it like walls closing in.
All that was left was mystery; there was fear certainly, even terror,
but more acute was the sens of mystery, the mystery of bad life and a good God

Slowly the man that thought that he deserves a good life…he sinks into his own thought..questioning again about the life and the god he knows… 

One of the part that i like

In deep darkness, you can’t see. But you can hear.

That sentence…somehow remind me bout what Mr.Tong used to teach us…Faith comes from hearing.
I don’t know in which level i am now…
I don’t have any idea too…or even worse I don’t want to try to know it where am i
feeling in the middle of nowhere,
somehow… just need to take a breath to listen where my heart wants to go
but don’t know why, just can’t hear it now..

Anyway..keep going with the book….After the darkness.. the writer wrote

He still saw his pain, but now he saw God
the cry for blessing for a good life, change to be cry for whatever God wanted to do.
The man felt something different. It was the beginning of humility.
But the very fact of what it was kept him from seeing what it was

 Some things in his life got better, some things stayed the same, some things got worse
But the man was dreaming new dreams, greater dreams
And he found the courage to pursue them
He was now a man with hope and his hope brought joy

When i read the closing section of this chapter… 
It looks so great…but i realize… to reach that kinda joy, it’s not easy…
it needs a darkness to appreciate how wonderful the light is

Well to face this rollercoaster of life… through the up and down of it
takes time for struggling, if everything is so instant, then we won’t be changed…we can’t be shaped..

Just like  Hellen Keller said

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Somehow..i feel so blessed cos I like to read n collect those kinda quotes…
In unpredictable times, it just splashed on my mind, and it’s very helpful.


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