Where is it…

*still melo mode on*

2 days ago I got pictures from Rika..when we went to Han River for Hi Seoul Summer Fest with Gema too… 

Sooo..since she’s the pro photographer among us ^ ^ she used to be the photographer when we went out with other friends too.. ^ ^ 

Anyway..when i saw pictures of me on that day…looks so happy 
Dunno. in the second pic, though looks lil bit scary *yeah gotta admit it :p* but…i see my self could laugh freely…. 


So..where is the “me” on that day? 
Where is it? 
kinda miss that moment again..

PS :
thnx to Rika to catch the pics ^ ^ 

Doooo…napa juga jadi gajebo ginii….>.<
*just wish it wont be too long* 


6 thoughts on “Where is it…

  1. @ pitshu
    ho oh..itu balon gueeedeee…hehehe…bisa diglindingin :p, kalo ga salah inget karet de itu dilapis kaen

    @ ci viol
    iyahhh…saatnya menunggu…tapi ga PMS loooooo wekekek

    @ ci pit
    iyah….lagi gajebo…tapi ini pelan pelan lagi menuju normal :p
    ho ohh..emang te o pe de yang jepretnya…
    aaa really miss that moment…

    @ c ceemot
    auchhh…memandang poto digigit c ceemot di ta :p

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