Combo for this week

Hyuh…dunno what happen lately…but somehow I became more forgetful 😦 
Well at least i didn’t forget, that today is my 7month in here….*wow…what a time* 

Started from last week,
I don’t know why I kept to think that this month is october…
even i read the ODB for october in 3 days…till last tuesday, 9 SEPT 08 I realized…cos in that day there was Chusok celebration for foreigner in my campus. So I did remember bout the date ( not the month 😦 ) and the day…Tuesday 9!!! 

so when I opened my ODB in the morning….Thursday, 9 October.. 
he??? Thursday?? isn’t it supposed to be Tuesday? today, Tuesday 9, i supposed to go to Suwon (for sightseeing with other foreigners) and there’ll be dinner party…Yes I do remember that’s tuesday 9..
After couple of minutes I realized……
OMG~~~it’s Sept ta!!! so I recalled previous ODB…Geee… i read for the Oct for 3 days, instead of Sept…

So ta….this is September!!!!

Another thing is on Mon
I’ve prepared well for my plan before going to the course…
I’ll bring my glass, refill it and bring a sachet of coffee, for the break time

But what happened was…
On the bus i just realized… 😦 after I washed my glass, i forgot to refill it 😦 also i didn’t take the coffee…
pluss forgot to put of my glasses…
Fyuuuhhh…what a forgetfull me….  

And on Wed…
I’ve planned to pay off my previous forgetfulness!!!
Ok..took the coffee…took of the my glasses…and refilled the water
Then ready to go to the bus, and read the book before the class…
*what a good plan…since i was in the mood to prepare before the class*

but what happen was….
I forgot to close my glass properly!!! which means…my bag was 75%wet, also my books and notes though it was not totally wet…but… if the books meet the water means… it will not as plain as before, nor tidy “a.k.a mengembang” 😦 (helep englishnya dunk, lagi males mikir hihi(

A~~~hate it :(…. so what happen in the bus was…I moved out the things inside my bag…dried it up the bag as far as i could… then put the things back in the bag…

Haiyaaa suddenly i lost my will to prepare :(….

and the last one is today, Sept 13

I woke up around 5.30am to open up the out-door for my friend…
so what i did just… got off from the bad…opened up my door, then opened the out-door for my friend (cos she has no card to get in)
then..when i tried to enter my room…

*klock klock klock*
What?!!?!?! it was locked from the inside 😦 and i didn’t bring the room key…and my roommate already left to the lab to do some experiment (Wow…in that early morning)

soooo i was locked up :( key 😦 
And it’s too early to wake up the ajussi (the dorm’s officer) to borrow the key…

so this morning I continued my sleep in my friend’s room…share the bed with friend
*which should not be happen if i didn’t forget to unlock the door before I went out of my room* 

hixx…cos of my forgetfulness i should spend some hours of sleep with sharing bed…

Unfortunately…Not only that…

At night, 
I had BuBer (Buka bersama) or just let say dinner, with other indonesian friends in rika’s home…
We had great times…delicious but spicy food ^ ^ also ice cream…*nyummy*

and when we wanted to go back…
*grabag grubug* opened up my bag… shaked it up…BUT there’s no metal sounds (from my keychain)…
which means….WHERE IS MY KEY?!?!?!? 

hix hix…. not anymore 😦 😦
so i searched in my bag and some places in Rika’s home…but there was none…

till finally i asked for a help from ajussi…
and tadaaa… i found out my key on my table….

Hiyaaa….what a forgetful me 😦
Wish tomorrow it will b better 😀 

Oks…time to sleep now



3 thoughts on “Combo for this week

  1. walah2… bakat jd professor tuh kyknya dirimu Ta! udh mulai mirip2 skrg, huehue.. 😀 hmm jgn2 lg byk pikiran kali jd kurang konsentrasi.. *haiya sok tau amat nih gue, hehe..*

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