Happy Chuseok (헤피 추석)

Now is the Chuseok day in South Korea, which means the Thanks Giving day…
I think for Chinese people, this eve known as “Moon Cake” festival, where people eat the Moon Cake….Is it?? CMIIW, coz i remembered there were some friends who offered Moon Cake when i was still in Jkt.

Usually this is one of the biggest and longest holiday for Korean, cos there’ll be some holidays for a day before and after Chuseok
But unfortunately, this year Chuseok is in Sunday!!!…which means the REAL holiday is just in Monday. Last year there were 5 days for holidays…*huaaaaaa*
But anyway… just enjoy it 😀

And there’s special food that usually served in Chuseok, it’s SongPyeon (송편)..well it’s made for Tteok(떡) or we usually say “rice cake”

Well, good to be here in this kinda day. 


Last Tuesday I experienced Chuseok Celebration which held by KIST for foreigners..so in the morning we went to Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, and then at night we had dinner altogether.

And in the end of the event, all of us got a Chuseok Gift from KIST
It was 2 bottles of oil (Grape seed and olive oil)
But till now, i have no idea how to use it (since i’m not a good chef too) so may be i’ll send it to mom :p since she likes olive oil 😀 


And during the week lot of friends asked me…”what r u going to do on Chuseok holiday?”
but that time i still have no exact plan…so just get along with it…


And yesterday, I had great dinner time with friends…We (okay…i just help to chop and wash the dishes kkkk) made indonesian food 😀 in rika’s home.

We had “ayam cabe ijo” (which for me 2 pieces was enough….then i need to eat some baby-tomatoes and jelly after had that chiken kkkk),  

See!!! the chili!!!!
It was totally absolutely spicy..that’s the main menu for the dinner…But lucky there was soup :p

 And after the dinner, we had ice cream *nyummy* then played this and that….

Thnx galz… i really enjoyed this fellowship ^ ^
Actually there were 2 other participants (just for enjoying the meals :p) kkk..since they were busy in the room while we were busy to play the cards and enjoy the snack, sorry guys for not appear in this pic 😛

*pictures taken from Wiwiq Cam*


And today i had a great time…to be involved with the celebration 😀

When i arrived in church, some people asked, have u ate the SongPyeon??
That time i still had no idea bout that… All that i knew just that’s the traditional food which eaten in chuseok (that’s what our korean teacher told us :p) but how does it look like, i have no idea 😛

So, today I had lunch in one of the church member’s home (we -foreigners- use to call her Mami) with other foreigner friends in church… (the place that we used to go for lunch was closed…-lot of places were closed during Chuseok)

Chuseok Lunch

Chuseok Lunch

As you can see from the picture ^ ^ it was so delicious 

Thanks a lot to mami and her family…

And they made all of these meals (beside the white-green-yellow-colorful tteok) ^ ^
There were mushroom, fried fish and tofu (tahu itu englishnya apa yak?), fish, soup, kalbi (this one is the best one for me :p see the brown one), SongPyeon (so that’s the SongPyeon ;p), kimchi and another fried things and home-made SongPyeon….

And we ate the SongPyeon with honey (wow it’s more delicious :D)…and after the meals, we had home-made wine which is called PodoJu(포도주) (they made it from the grape, then did this and that and kept it for a yearit’s delicious too :p but i only had a glass :D) and finally coffee for the closing :p

It was so great to be involved directly with the local family like this… 😀 
Once more thanks a lot mami and fam 😀

So blessed to have this experience 🙂

Well, looks like these 2days passed with eat and eat… *dangerous thing :p*
Just see what’s going to be happend tomorrow :p

Soo…Happy Chuseok everyone 😀
추석 즐겁게 보내세요~~~ 

More information bout Chuseok: 
From Wiki
From Korea4Expats


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