Cute Boy

When i was waiting for the bus to go back from Suwon, I saw a cute boy…
So just play with him for a while :p 


So cute…especially when he realized i was looking at him…then he laughed in his stroller… then tried to hide :P…then looked at the cam again….
*your camera awareness is good, lil kid :p* 

After couple of times, he couldn’t stay calm in his stroller then he ran here and there… 
what an active boy….
Till there was a time he fell down *but he’s not crying*


Good boy ^ ^

*this is what happen if i should wait for a long time …*


3 thoughts on “Cute Boy

  1. hahaha… ntar maminya ngeliatin terus kan repot ci… :p
    ntar maminya kira, ini anakku diajak ngomong bahasa planet mana lagi ama alien 😛
    *secara di sini kartu buat foreigner namanya Alien registration* kkkkk

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