Football Lovers


This place is recommended for football lovers ^ ^ *C ceemot…ayoo ke sini heheh* 

Well, i’m not a football lovers anyway, but at least i know Beckham hehehhe… :p 

So as the football lovers know, 2002 Fifa world cup was held in Korea and Japan, this event becomes one of the pride for korean (indo kapan yak..:p) even they have the museum for the football in the world cup stadium. 

on Aug 30th i went to World Cup Stadium in Seoul with friends…
It’s not difficult to go there, just take the Subway Line 6, then you’ll find it easily :p
At first we entered the museum…then the stadium…

The ticket is just 2000 (or 1000) *forgot :(* but for sure it’s not expensive.
And we can see lot of stuffs relate with the world cup inside…from the history, posters, trophies, even  the tickets 
At least if you don’t understand, you could learn the history a bit 😛
*nice one*

A ya, they named the Korean supportes as a red devil *ini bukannya yang MU yak, anyway whatever de :P* 

After the museum we entered the stadium…we had to pay 1000 or 2000 *again i forgot it :(*
They provided a line guide to enter the stadium…so we could see some posters before get into the field.


Huaa..what a big field…and clean 😀
It’s not just the field, but we were able to get in to the player’s section…so we could see what’s inside of it..*meeting room, rehearsal room, even changing room kkk*

It’s impressing how they keep the things like this and open to the public so others might know how is it..And since it’s a big area…it’s not only musem and the field in it…

There are also hypermart, wedding hall, CGV (movie theatre), Pizza… and others


I have a good impression with it ^ ^ 
and after walking around, we had our lunch in Food court 

Nice weather *though it was hotttt, lucky i borrowed nan’s hat :p, thnx Nan*
Good place too 🙂

Next section is the park nearby the’s called Haneul Park (하늘공원), haneul means sky, and gongwon means park…So it’s Sky park?!?!?!? whatever the names la 😛 


Actually we didn’t planned to go there, but since we were there…so just try it 😛
BUT…it needs some effort to go there 😛 and no wonder the name is Sky Park…See the stairs there??? going up n up 😦

What a combooo…after meeting Mr.해 on thursday, then the wonderful hiking on friday..and now…another exercise on this saturday…*and it made me tanned :(, ke sini bukannya makin putih, malah tambah gosong kkkk*

But somehow the views in the park were good…and i think it will be more beautiful in autumn…
and no wonder the name is sky park….just like a road to the sky *mulai kumat imagination ga jelas nya:P*


more pictures are here


3 thoughts on “Football Lovers

  1. wah.. di sana kayaknya banyak banget tempat wisata taman2 ijo, gede n luas gitu ya Ta, enak ya buat jln2… apalg pas summer/spring.. oh pas autumn jg keren kynya, hehe.. kebykan di luar kota kah? ato di kota jg banyak?

  2. @ ci viol
    hehehe…pas masup sini, kebayangnya Gelora…tapi kok….hmm hmmm aja de

    @ ci pit
    Hahaha…di sini taman nya seabrek 😀
    so far mayoritas 90% masi di seoul ci, alias di kota, cuma ya ga pusat kota banget see…tapi masih terjangkau pake subway less than 1.5 or 2 hours

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