GyeongBokGung (경복궁)

Finally after couple of days… as i posted in here, I’ve been in this palace 😀

It’s my first time to go to palace, and lucky i visited one of the famous palace in seoul… 
I’ll visit the other too (Next target is ChangDeokGung

It’s on Aug 23rd…I went there with some new students..
It’s always good to meet new friends 🙂

The way to go there, is not hard, just take Subway Line 3, stop in GyeongBokGung Station then take Exit no.5
The fee is just 3000won ^ ^ 

As I walked around the this palace…I just imagine how people lived in the palace in the ancient time…
It was sooo big, just wondering 8->
And there’s one drama that splashed on my mind when i was in this palace…it’s DaeJangGeum (Jewel in The Palace)… it’s really represent the life in the palace.  

More photo of GyeongBokGung (경복궁) is here

My favorite site is The Pond ^ ^


2 thoughts on “GyeongBokGung (경복궁)

  1. Iyahhh bagus..tapi kata temen palace yang atu lagi lebih ok *uda masup list hahaha:p*
    bole masup dunkkk kan udah kagak ada rajanya hihihi… :p

    Huahuahua….pertanyaannya mantep euy :p
    Status : turis keliling Seoul (bukan koreah loh kkk, ini target selanjutnya yang entah kapan) part time as a student
    hahaha…kacau de 😛
    eh eh..tapi jalan2nya holiday n weekend doang koook *pembelaan diri*

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