Morning Report

Splash news in the early morning

Sept 18th, 2008

Current time : 5.55AM
Location : Lab

And today 3:45AM i had my first sahur :D… well actually gotta eat in the morning… and one of my friend is fasting…so we ate together with one more friend who just came backfrom the lab
*yeahh..full of weird habbit in here…one just want to go to the lab while another just back from the lab at dawn

After had Indomie Kari Ayam *nyummy* 
then took a shower then went to the lab

And i just rode a bike, while the temperature was 20 degree outside…
*silly me, i didn’t wear jacket*

Gotta finish my slide!!!!! (for presentation at class)
yeah..homework is coming to town 

1 tube of pringi
Cheese Kimbab
3 snickers
unlimited sachets of coffee kkk
and some papers bout Pastry
*omg..even the topic is about pastry :p* 

Current time : 6:05AM

And it’s time to make a delicious Pastry…


Current time : 10.16PM

Finally i just ate some pieces of pringi looo….also the Kimbab for my lunch (i skipped the lunch in cafetaria) also a bottle of carrot juice 😀
And last but not least…one sachet of Coffee ^ ^

The presentation??? Hmmm dunno laaa…not so good i think 😦
But what can i do… at least i’ve done it..n tried my best on it… and especially no more presentation for the next n next 2 i can focus on another course (and lab)
Then i had one snicker after class. 

End of report ^ ^


5 thoughts on “Morning Report

  1. pringy again? gak kapok2 ni anak hehe.
    eh kemaren di carfur ada diskon pringy ta, beli 2 dapet 3, jadi gua beli hahaha 😀

    pas gua asik2 makan gua langsung inget lu, bisa2nya nasehatin lu jangan banyak2 makan pringy, sendirinya makan 3 wuahaha 😀

  2. @ c ceemot
    hahahaha…untungnya masi aman ci..*yang ada malah jadi skip lunch :(*
    Tapi ini lagi ada jerawat nangkring satuuuu..gede pulaaaa aaa bete bete..merusak kecantikan wajah aja haha

    @ C viol
    Hah?!?!? Beli 2 dapet 3…dohhhh….asik tuuuuu
    huiiii 3 abis dalam berapa lama tu ci wekekeke…

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