Dong-Dong Gung-Tak-Gung

Dunno why since long a go, I always falling in love with percussion…

Hmm let’s see…
When the first time I saw The Corrs… I love this group… *kinda miss them now*
And while most of my friends chose Andrea for their fav member… I chose Caroline…the percussions ^ ^… And it was loooong time ago…I started to like this group when they got famous through “Only when i sleep” and i still like them ^ ^…
May be if they have concert in here…i’ll watch πŸ˜€
(when i tried to look their wiki…I just realized it was 10years ago…wow…. )

And when i was still in dps… i used to play the instrument in the Teens worship…
*oitsss… i’m not an expert…everytime I should play the keyboard…i’ll bother my bro to write down all the chords in detail :P*
and when there’s “Ketipung” (sorry dunno the english for this :p) I really want to play that…but what can i do..i can’t..cos there’s no talent with it kkk
*one of the difficulties in music for me is IMPROVISATION and FEELING*
so i always play the instrument with the text and chord that’s written there…i’m not able to play directly… πŸ˜›
Besides the keyboard, i ever played bass but still need full chord for it πŸ˜€

Sooo..since i had a big interest in percussion….in high school i joined the Marching Band Group..we called it MBSSMD (marching band suara smansa manggala dara)…If i’m not mistaken kkkk…
(wow i just found out their web :P)
and of course..among all instruments and part…while most girls chose the flags (itu loo yang muter2in bendera) and some chose trumpet or other brass…
*doh lupa atu lagi alat musik yang maenin melodi, dipukul2 kayak bel gituh suaranya*
So what i did i choose????
I chose Triol / Quartom kkkk that time there were only 2 girls…yeah..that’s me πŸ˜›

And it’s been a looooong time i really want to play drum…dunno why..for me those who play drums looks cool hahaha πŸ˜› till one day… when i was still in jakarta… I got news from mom…since the church was under renovation, so the drum was in our home for some times
unfortunately i was in jkt that time 😦

Sooo when i went back to dps for holiday… first thing that i searched when i arrived at home…was the drum kkkk…then started to hit it randomly… kkkk
Then i borrowed drum’s book from my friend ^ ^start to learn a bit πŸ˜›
And that time… i only able to play the drum for “Only when i sleep” hahahaha…so happy that time πŸ˜› and when my bro rehearse his piano lesson…i used to mess it..with add some rhythm with the drum hahah πŸ˜›

Sooo…from corrs-ketipung-quartom/triol-drum….and here i am…

Today is my first class…for????
For learning Janggu (korean traditional music instrument)
And again..among several classes that offered by “The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts” (NCKTPA)…again….i chose percussion :p instead of string and flute class

Yeah it’s not for free anyway…but it’s worthed (in my opinion :p)
We paid 30,000 for 12times…and in the end we will have performance γ…œγ…œ haiyaa..dunno bout this laa…but so far i enjoyed it….



Hohoho..this is the pic that i took in the class…
And in this class lot of women looo…
*pembelaan diri sebelon protes ini si tata t*mb*y kkk*

It was so interesting… and i enjoyed it a lot πŸ˜€

As you can see, there are 2 sticks when we play it…
– 열채 (YeolChae) : the flat one (right hand) and
– ꢁ채(GungChae) : the circle one (left hand)…
for the left n can be different for different people

And today we learned 5 techniques :
– ꢁ (Gung) when we hit with ꢁ채 => symbolized with 0 and full black 0 if we hit in the opposite direction
– 덩 (Dong) when we hit ꢁ채 and 열채 together => symbolized with Ξ¦
– λ”± (Ttak) when we hit 열채 => symbolized with l
– ꢁ딱 (Gung-Ttak) ꢁ채 first then 열채 => symbolized with 01
– κΈ°λ”± (Gi-Ttak) errr… when 열채 hit..first soft then hard symbolized with i

Some pictures in class

Stacked Janggu Our teacher Break time

And here’s the first song that teacher taught us :D…it’s called HeeMulEe (휘물이)

Ξ¦ Ξ¦ β€’ l β€’ 8x
0 β€’ l β€’ 4x
0 l β€’ l 0 l β€’
Ξ¦ Ξ¦ β€’ l β€’ 8x

l 0 0 l 0 l 0Β  –Β  l β€’ β€’ l β€’ l β€’ 4x

Wekekeke…. full of symbols huh…
If u interest, just translate it to the sound “Dong-Dong Gung-Ttak-Gung” :p
(that’s the first and the forth row)

And here’s one of the video that i found in YouTube (kinda long one γ…œγ…œ, but can’t find better video than this)

Have a nice weekend..
*i’m trapped in dorm cos of the rain! γ…œγ…œ*


5 thoughts on “Dong-Dong Gung-Tak-Gung

  1. when we until dawnnnnnnnn… to our fears and our fates……..
    and we stack all the dead man.. inside addressed crave

    bener ga yah……. huahuahuahuahua

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