Watch it or not??

And one more thing that bother my mind…

About this concert…Dave Koz will be here..hohohoho….
Imagine…jazzy jazzy… live performance…bang dave lagi…

I know some of his songs…and i like it…”You are me I am youuuu”

It’s on Monday 8pm…which means i should skip one korean class *but it’s ok laa kkkk demi bang dave
But I’m still thinking bout it..cos the ticket…errr it’s quite expensice…
40 / 60 / 80 / 100 thousands won…

And today…on my way to the course…I thought about it…expensive or not?? worthed or not?? Aaa mollaa…

Oks, let’s see my comparation…(with my daily thing)

Food, Drink and Snack…
in my campus i spend 2900 – 3200 for lunch, but if i eat outside it will be around 5,000 and with 7,000-8,000 i can eat samGyeopSal a lotttt 😛 
But for drink..yeah let’s say coffee…in LotteRia It will be around 2500 – 3000…and in “Bintang Digebuk” around 4500 – dunno… 
My lovely pringi is just 1900…

Hmmm… usually i bought the clothes around 5000….
And last time i bought nice jacket (for autumn preparation – alibi hahahha -) is 30,000..but it was great…
*of course, otherwise i wont buy it kkk*

so if i buy the cheapest ticket…it will be almost
– 20x of my lunch budget, but 8x of normal meal
– 10x of the coffee price..
– 8 clothes…or 2 jackets…

compared with indo..usually the ticket price is quite expensive..if I compare with my daily outcome..
*or is it because i ate around campus, with Rp 5000 – 7000 i can ate a looottt*

Fyuhh…still think about it..should i watch it or not….

* hihi bukannya mikirin pr yang deadline minggu depan..malah mikirin nonton :p*


4 thoughts on “Watch it or not??

  1. dont watch it !
    karnaaaaaaaaaa ga bisa sing alongggggggggg…

    the best part of a concert issss you can screaaaaam and sing alongggggg..

    ini.. kang dave. kaga nyanyi.. nti kamuh cuman bawa gendang, ikoetan bergendang2 ria di sono.. malah di usir2 loh………. hihihi

  2. @ zet
    tapi kan bang dave gitu looooooo
    it’s cool to hear him live 😛

    @ anung
    tareeeekkkkk…ayo nung joget….

    @ susan
    thnx a lot for the recommendation..
    i think if there’s no sudden thing that make me change my mind…i’ll skip my class on monday kkk

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