How bout the Snicks???

Kraft said none of its Oreo products worldwide, including those sold in Indonesia, are made with milk ingredients sourced from China. The Oreo wafer product that tested positive in Indonesia tested negative in Malaysia, Thailand and Korea, a company spokesman said. (From Washington Post)

Side effect of collide brain πŸ˜› …cos too much thinking bout collision of the particle 😦

So why it’s just the oreo that’s written there… is it means snicks in here ok too ^ ^ kkkk
Let me see my snicks…there are some..

On the back it’s written :
– Common Snicks (the choco) -> Mars Food (China)….Made in China
(hix..the rest is in korean…Kal 160KCal..the rest dunno kkkk
– Almond Snicks (hey it’s yummy :p) ->
Calories 230, Fat Cal 100 Total Fat 11g, Sat Fat…., Trans Fat…. Vit A(0%DV), Vit C (0%DV), Calcium (6%DV), Iron (2%DV)
Distributed by Masterfood USA

Sooo..the almond supposed to be no probs rite?? πŸ˜›Β 

But somehow…I”m still eating it kkk..since i love it…and it’s helpfull just like the slogan.. “Hungry??Grab snicks :p” (tull ga zet:P)

* lucky pringi is not on the list hahaha *Β 

Oks..time to collide with the homework again!!!


6 thoughts on “How bout the Snicks???

  1. hmmmmmmmm… i am kind of quite sure my chocolate bar (mars, snicks, milkyway, twix, bounty) is not made in china…
    cow is everywhereeeee…
    but, lazy to check the wrapper to make sure. :p

  2. @ zet
    hahahha… iya yak.. sejauh mata memandang selalu ada si mmmoooo πŸ˜›
    Youdeleiiiii *au de gimana tulisannya :P*
    kebayang zet pake topi yang biasa di kaleng susu bendera itu loh, pake rok, sambil bawa gentong isi susu kkkk
    *beginilah kalo error *

    @ ci viol
    hohoo..lalu lagi langka dunk di sana…

  3. ati2 ta, walo ga ada efek melamin, tapi ada efek gendut and sakit tenggorokan hahah..

    dulu saya sukanya hazelnut snicker.. tapi di sini ga ada..

    sampe sakit tenggorokan dulu beli yang 1 pak hahah…

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