I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.(Douglas Adams)

Current situation : 
Time : 4:15AM
Place : Lab  (just arrived)
Temperature : 13C (and i took a bike…it’s totally make me awake hahaha) 
Accompaniments :
– bread with blue band n Ceres 😛 (eating it with nescafe really great ^ ^ )
– unlimited coffee
– pringi (as usual :p)
– snickers (hahaah…unfortunately it’s on the melamine list 😦 )
– KimBab (for my lunch and breakfast may be…or dinner??? molla)
– etc :p

Activity : 
Take refreshing for a while before start the battle….

Hyuhh… yeah..it’s one of the consequence for being not smart huh 😛 gotta try harder and harder!!! Never give up ::P and it’s the 2nd day…. 😛 
I just arrived on 10PM after the course…and totally exhausted, and headache 😦 soo decided to sleep first…
3AM my roomie alarm shocked me up!! 😦 I set my alarm on 12.30AM… but not even a single sound nor vibrate i heard 😦 
Then took a shower…then took the bike and here i am 😛 

Apply those formulas….record the animation and upload it!!!
Today is the whoosh day…. as long as the date still Sept 30!!!
And really can’t wait to Oct…which means…it’s gone 😛 and i think i’m going to have samgyeopsal after this….and also can’t wait for this weekend…cos there’ll be some festivals ^ ^….

But now..gotta focus on the mission!!!
After having bread and coffee, now i’m awake 😀 

Time for battle ^ ^ 
Wish me luck…and win against this Phy*ics :p 

아차아차 파이팅!!!!


5 thoughts on “Whoosh….

  1. haha, sama banget pas kmrn2 baca ttg melamin itu, lgsg keinget, duh, kok ada snickers sm M&M yak, haha, tp gpp Ta, dirimu kan di Korea, snickersnya produk Korea kan bkn China? 😀
    oya, good luck buat ‘perang di subuh hari’-nya ya!! ^^

  2. @ ci pit
    hehe gara gara ci pit tanya, langsung tulis new post kkk
    yang atu made in china, yang atu ga hihihi

    @ aw
    makasi makasiii
    senangnaaa yang liburannn……:(

  3. Eh.. liburan dari Hongkong ??? Yang namanya engineer entu klo pabrik lagi libur ato stop malah kerja tauk.. Itu pas mesin2 lagi berhenti jadi kudu di maintain.. dielus-elus.. Lebaran ama mesin deh.. Duuuh…. 🙂

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