2 Top News

Nowadays, though i can’t understand the detail of the news…but i just feel like these 2 news always pop up on the newspaper (electronic and non-electronic)

And somehow i just want to share it…to keep it update..

The First
It’s about the suicide… 

Well, lot of suicide case huh…BUT…in less than 1 month, there were 2  figures commited suicide here…Kinda shock…cos end of Aug i just read the news bout the Actor Dies in Motorbike Accident.. those who watch “Coffee Prince” drama, must know him well…

and suddenly on the 2nd week of Sept.. An actor commit suicide, because of the debt or financial problem..(dunno for detail news)… 

Not only that…couple of days ago on the 1st week of Oct, A Top Actress commit suicide, because of this and that…i don’t know for sure too… 
But the rumours said that this actress still related with the actor…
When I heard this news, i just imagine of her children 😦 …she has 2 boy…and now… fyuhhh…dunno de..

And one of my friend said these actor and actress were good friends, and they have other solid friends too, so..this group lost 2 friends in a month…

It’s kinda ironic…cos people use to see artist’s life as their dreaming life…glamour, happy or else…but artists are human too… and these 2 suicide cases warn us about how we’ve done with our life…

*ok..sekian gosip hari ini :P*

The Second

I think this is a world problem now..it’s about the melamine
Couple of days ago i worried bout my snicks… and now..it’s published 😦  

This afternoon, when i opened the koreaTimes to check up the news…it’s the headline 😦 
It’s written : Melamine found on Chocolate Products from China….hix hix… 

So those r the 2 snicks that i had…the black one…the Made in China (but it’s already eaten kkk) and the second one no detail, just imported from bla bla…

BUT i still have 2 packs of mini kit kat hahahaha… and it’s on the list

So….am i going to throw it????
No 😀

Cos what’s on my opinion is, yes..it’s melamine found on it…BUT the case is attack the babies (which already caused 4 death that’s reported in last Sept) because their digestion system is still not as strong as the adults… 
But for adults it’s supposed to be digested (IF WE CONSUME IT ON STANDARD LEVEL)

So… i just think that for normal consumption, it suppose to be ok…but if we eat it too much..not only because of the melamine, but also because of the glucose which caused the Diabetes Mellitus, and also others… 

So i just keep it..and put it on my bag…cos it’s helpful when i got hungry and found out there’s nothing can be eaten… just grab the snicks or take the kitkat might help a bit…
(ONCE MORE in normal consumption)

And since it’s already became a global problem, so may be i won’t buy it for a while 😀 since everybody says that too…and looks like everybody might give me a strange look if i eat that on the subway or public place 😀
*Good pringi is not on the list hahahahaha

Oks then…those the 2 top news 😀
Suddenly just want to report it…


6 thoughts on “2 Top News

  1. yang aktris itu kan karena gosip2 yang beredar di internet ttg si aktris itu..hihihi
    parnonya (menurut gwe orang koreya emang slalu parno), sampe2 bikin kebijakan berinternet diperbarui gara2 ini..kkkk

  2. @ wiq
    hhaha begitulah parno yang ada…stalkernya parno, artisnya ikutan, pemerintahnya juga ikutan
    ini ketemu beritanya yang internet slanders

    @ sanz
    itu yang jadi fansnya dede pemain utama ce
    yang badannya gede ituh

    @ zet
    hehehe…yihaa..just bought 3 pring

    @ nung
    sini sini kirim donggg…
    ato coklat supermen gituh hahaa

    *update news*
    I just found out..one more public figure suicide case just right 1 day after the actrees…

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