Sprit Booster

I’m back….i miss to write again..after more than a week away …fyuh..what a week… 
After here and there… being out of seoul for 4 days (wed-sat), while a scary homework waiting, also the exam on monday..and i wasn’t prepared for the exam, nor for the homework…

I was totally worry that time…  

Gee…so many things that i want to pour out here…
wish i were an octopus… while 2 hands doing homework, 2 hands writing this blog, 2 hands for eating…the rest 2…hmmm for pijet pijet pala puyeng 😛  

Sunday, Oct 12th 08

As i wrote… after being out of seoul, which means i couldn’t prepare for the exam, nor do the homework (cos it’s a coding hw)… so last sunday i decided not to go to church :(…
Hixx…actually i want to go…but…I arrived late at saturday, and i was totally tired… so…finally decided to rest and prepare more… (sorry G)

Woke up lil bit late on sunday, prepared my brunch..while still confuse, which one should i do first…preparing exam?? or unsolveable homework??
And start to lose the spirit 😦  

Try to dig dig my quote bank..and i found one that i wrote last year..

Never stop trying
Never stop to give the best
Not to be the best, but to be better

Keep trying to push myself… and finally i chose to prepare the exam first… 

In the middle of boredom…I checked another course web, to make sure i’ve downloaded all the material for the homework…
And guess what… i was soooooooo happy…

cos i saw it ^ ^ 


i was lil bit shocked… ^ ^ then changed in to happy… became spiritful again 😀

I was on the Hall of Fame huahuahuahua 😛 … *nice word prof 🙂 *
That’s the result for my first homework…  
Remember the beatiful videos that i showed…hohoho..it was chosen to be the hallOfFame for the 1st homework hohoho…

I’d like to thanks my prof, cos may be he doesn’t know how it was so meaningful to me, especially i opened it when i was down…
Yeah..somehow…a little appreciaciation from other could boost up other’s spirit, change other’s thought…and bright up the day… ^ ^

So i spent couple of minutes to thank prof n also thnx G..
Never thought that it will be appreciated like that… moreover i’m not the smart student in the class…. i just try to do my best…

So that time i continue to prepare the exam, had dinner (samgyeopsal ^ ^) with friends near our campus, then continue to study again. 

2nd homework already collected…but unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the first…
i mean personally i felt that i still didn’t give my best for this 2nd due to lack of time 😦

oks…time to aza aza fighting again ^ ^

Thnx prof…


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