Nice Spot

Today when i watched the drama (Beethoven Virus – 베토벤바이러스) i crushed on one place…the last scene on Ep.10… it was perfectly beautiful..

Since the first time i watched it.. i was wondering about the scene location that they used for the looks good… looks peace…

2 places that i want to see bcoz of this drama..

1. Pettite France (쁘띠프랑스)

This is the spot when they used to rehearse…
In my opinion this place looks peace…and doesn’t look like in Korea ^ ^
But..still don’t know where’s the exact place 😦

(picture taken from here)

2. DaeGwanRyeong Ranch (대관령 양때 목장)

At first i was wondering where is it…but after hearing the drama for the 2nd time 😛
somehow i hear the name of the place…then found it on inet..

First time i saw it…the hills, the green pastures, the wind wheel… i put it on my wish list… since i know it must be in Korea…. but somewhere out of seoul…
So..this place is in Gangwon-do… quite far…but i have no idea to go there…

(picture taken from here)

Just wondering… going to this place for 2 days 1 night ^ ^ since this place looks so big…
Somehow to see this kinda place….it looks so peaceful…

(pictures taken from here)

Thnx to the drama for showing this marvelous place…

Someday…I’ll be there ^ ^


8 thoughts on “Nice Spot

  1. i know how to go to petite france ^^

    1. go to cheongnyangni station and take the train heading towards chuncheon. they call that line “gyeongchunseon”.

    2. get off the train at daeseong-ri station (대성리역).

    3. there is shuttle bus service at the station that can take you to petite france. there are 5 bus trips per day leaving the station at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5:30pm.

    4. to return to the station, just take the same shuttle bus service. there are 6 returning trips per day.

    5. petite france is open daily from 9am-6pm. the adult admission fee is KRW8,000. tel: (031)584-8200

    6. you can also stay overnight at the hotel in petite france. KRW70,000 for a twin-sharing room and KRW100,000 for a quad-sharing room.

    i want to go there when i am back in korea ^^

  2. @ Equinox
    Huaaaa….thank youuu it’s very great information..완전 좋다..
    그럼 한국에 돌아가면 같이 갈래? ^ ^

    생각보다 좀 몰어요 ^^ 근데 아직도 가고싶다~~

    another link that i found about the way to go there
    – from skyline blog (with time information)
    – from ktx tour (with some additional recommended places)

    아~~~ 빨리 가고싶지만 시간 아직도 없고 친구도 없어 ㅜㅜ

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