Check check!!

Fyuh.. i spent this day with collision and collision…which made my brain collide now… 
But finally i know how to deal with multiple collision for particle theoritically, though still can’t implement it..but i’ll try i for sure tomorrow ^ ^

not tonite nor early morning?? 

Cos i’m going to have a medical checkup (건강검진) tomorrow morning 8.30am
Which means i have to fast (금식) for 12hours…which means no meal, no drinks, no pringi hix hix…
Which means i’m going to spend the hours after the course tonite with SLEEPING!! (to save the energy for tomorrow’s battle hihihi) 

Hmm actually i don’t feel well nor health enough nowadays, especially in this deadline periode…
lot of things to be thought… even the homework showed in my dream 😦  
not enough sleep (but will be paid tonite hahaha)
no healthy food….but i’ve taken lemonade juice yest (for cholesterol hahaha), and milks started from yest (but i don’t think it will effect hahaha)

Yesterday i had 3 big meals..
– lunch with church member with dwaeji kalbi (means nyummy pork pork n pork)
– 2nd lunch – to celebrate our friend’s bday, with nyummy roasted duck 
– dinner – another bday celebration with seafood buffet…
And i ate a lot hahahahha

and now starts to catch a cold 😦 haiyaaaa bcoz of this cold wind 😦

Actually lil bit worry bout the result, since i know i’m not in a good condition… 
my friend told me that the check will be :
– urine n blood test
– bone strength check
– eye check 
– x-ray and USG
huiiii never have USG before kkkkk

So…hmmm just let’s see the result tmrw…and gotta eat well before the class today… 

Time to have a class~~~~


5 thoughts on “Check check!!

  1. @ c pit
    ho oh…setaon sekali gituhhh dilistin… hmm mungkin kalo di skip ga papa kali ya 😛

    @ c viol
    na itu dia mungkin ga ya pas xray ada tumpukan rapi pringi di perut hahahaha…
    btw ternyata USG itu geliiiii yak hihihihii…baru tau aneee…

    @ pitshu
    Dibayarin tentunya huahuahua
    kalo bayar sendiri mah da males ajah hahaha

    @ om arip
    alibi..lagi banyak tugas om, jadi ga bisa pegi2, jadi ga bisa poto2 ahahaha

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