Faster but…


I just arrived in the lab… with freezing hand 😦 I should have used my gloves 😦
temperature outside : 8.3C…. i should have checked it before i went out 😦

And now here i am… 
I just took a bike from dorm to here…since i don’t want to spend more time in this chill
yeah riding bike will make faster…but also COLDER 😦 but lets just make it fast… 

i wish i could ride a bike with 2 hands in my pocket.. things that i could do when i was in elementary… but now why i couldnt 😦
Ive prepared the ear cover, cos i got a headache since yesterday…  *cos of the cold*
N one of my friend said covering ear might help to solve the problem.. 

So I prepared my self this morning with jacket, ear-cover *don’t imagine the cute ear-cover with doll etc :D* then tool a bike… Covering my head with the hood, ear with the ear-cover…butttt….forgot the gloves 😦 

Along the way the left hand tried to hold the hood, while the right hold the bike’s steer *pegangan peda*
And..since i don’t want to stay too long outside, i drove it fast…
while my hands start to hurt 😦 cos of the cold 😦 

the chill’s of a winter is coming… 

* still hectic with the 1 unsolvable homework… *


6 thoughts on “Faster but…

  1. wah tata, pagi2 udah ke lab, salut2…..
    aku suka susah bangunnya, hehehe, apalagi udah mau masuk winter gini….
    hectic2 tp masih sempet posting euy, mudah2an homework nya cepet solved deh….

  2. hello tata, you’re so early for school @@
    좋은 학생인가봐요!

    to me, anything above -5degC is not cold enough ^^
    i just can’t wait to “hibernate” during winter ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. @ wen..
    posting is a must!!’s been a week since my last post…so no matter hectic i am…posting is a must hahaha

    @ Equinox
    Hiii~~ glad to see you here ^ ^
    난 좋은 학생 아니라 since i was sleepy in the class so it’s the consequences hahaha

    What?!?! -5?? OMG ㅠㅜ
    wish -5weather will come in the end of year while i’m out of seoul hahahhaha *i wish* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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