Nov 1st

Can’t think about the other title for the post xixixi

so today i just slept at 3AM *after fighting with the symptom 😦 *… then woke up around at 5.27AM cos my friend called to open up the door for her…So i just said “응 (eng) 응(eng)..”
then…5.30AM my friend called again…

Waks… i slept again after picked up the phone and she waited outthere hahahhaa…so sorry deb…
After the second call, of course i totally awake, then open up the door xixixii
then continue to sleep again…till around 8AM

around 9AMΒ 
I went for the10.30AM Janggu Class… Β first, bought 삼각김λ°₯ (read : SamGakKimBap it looks like Onigiri) 2 pieces and 1 banana milk for breakfast… and ate it in subway hihihi… i love to be here..since it’s possible to have quick and nyummy meal anywhere anytime πŸ˜›Β 

After the breakfast, then slept in the subway…till my friend woke me up hihihi..otherwise i missed the stop πŸ˜€ then started the class…

around 1PM Β 
went back to dorm and i always enjoying my way back from ꡭ립ꡭ악원 (the course place) cos i could pass the Seoul Art Center and enjoying the Water Fountain every afternoon πŸ™‚ i do love it.. the music, the water choreography, it’s beautiful πŸ™‚Β 

then on the subway…i slept again :D…and this time… i missed my transfer station hahaa…cos i was overslept… but finally i arrived at dorm safely πŸ˜›Β 

around 2.30PM
had my late lunch in dorm, then joined with others to prepare the Freshman Party to welcoming the Fall08 student… and the culture in here is the previous batch prepare to welcome the newest batch…so it’s my time now πŸ™‚Β 

The party supposed to be started at 5PM… but, since the guest came late… so we started at 5.30PM
(ga di indo, ga di sini 😦 cape deee)

Party started, this and that…everything ran well (i guess) but the singing part…hmm quite messy i guess..but in overall it ran well… * or just keep thinking like that πŸ˜› , we can’t satisfy everybody right πŸ˜› * Β 

And good there were some “indomie” left xixixi, actually the game needed 5 noodles, but only 2 3 left…i ate 1.5 hahaha πŸ˜› since i was so hungry..Β 
then on dinner part…i only ate 1 piece of nan (indian roti) since no rice left 😦 (see…good i had the noodle before hihi)…

the party over at 9PM
so it’s time to clean up..this and that…

and (unfortunately) I am the last…good i had friend to help me (thnx k icha :P) and it’s all ended almost 11PM… and i got terrible headache…aaaaa i hate ittt…. really hate this kinda headache.. 😦 
So i just took “panadol extra” (my best friend when headache comes) then sent msg to k Tracie, to inform that if the headache still with me, i might not be able to come to the class and the church…Β 
then slept….
(I didn’t change the shirt…toooo tired….)Β 

I was totally tired…felt bad cos of the headache 😦


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